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Jacob Young Picks The Bold and the Beautiful!

So much for my poll! It looks like Jacob Young has made his decision and will be reprising the role of fashion scion Rick Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful! The actor, who has been doing the work of his career of late as another dynastic heir, JR Chandler on All My Children, gave the scoopage to TV Guide's Michael Logan. Peep the touching moment Young shared with Logan about when AMC creator Agnes Nixon learned he was leaving:


TV Guide Magazine: First Debbi Morgan. Now you. How'd they take the news down at AMC that you're not continuing?

Young: [Laughs] The other day [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon was doing an appearance on our show and [exec producer] Julie Carruthers said, "Agnes is looking for you. She wants to say hello. She says she also wants to give you a spanking!" But Agnes, in addition to being a genius, is a lovely lady. She understood. When I found her she was getting her makeup done. I said, "Agnes, how are you?" She said, "Well, I'd be a lot better if you [weren't leaving]. Nah, it's okay. I just had to put that dig in there! You've been so great on the show and we've been lucky to have you." I think everybody understands. To let opportunity pass by during this time of uncertainty is just kind of silly. I couldn't wait around. I spoke to some of my cast members and advised them all to get out there in the business and see what's crackin'. Anybody with common sense would do that. I've talked to a lot of the AMC production staff and they're saying that if these deals with Prospect Park aren't put in place by September so that the production and the writing can get back up and rolling, it's going to be very difficult logistically. That January launch date would be very optimistic, to say the least.

I feel you, Mama Agnes. This news is definitely bittersweeet, as Young's portrayal of JR has been one of AMC's strongest selling points of late. On the other hand, I loved his naughty, teen sex-with-the-babysitter storyline with Amber (Adrienne Frantz) all those years ago on B&B and can't wait to see them pick up where they left off! For more from Young click here.

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