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Prospect Park to All My Children and One Life to Live Actors: "We Want to See You on All Our Shows!"

The mysterious peeps behind Prospect Park are starting to make their presence known on the sets of All My Children and most recently One Life to Live. While my sources tell me the execs couldn't get into too many specifics—on the advice of their attorneys—until they completed negotiations with the respective unions representing the sudsers, one thing that was clearly communicated was PP's desire to see their soap actors appear on their small stable of cable series!


"They told the actors that if they become a part of the Prospect Park family, they'd want to help grow their careers by assisting them in getting parts on their other shows like Royal Pains and Wilfred," says a setsider.

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Hopefully this will entice a few current Pine Valley and Llanview dwellers to make the jump with the shows online, as several big name stars have already announced plans to move on. As I previously reported, my sources tell me PP also has a pact in place giving them first dibs to license General Hospital when and if that series is cancelled by ABC.

"They aren't going to go on the record about General Hospital, because ABC doesn't want to panic people, but there is a deal," assures the mole. 'This wouldn't be confirmed until the point in time that ABC decides to end General Hospital's network run."

As for AMC and OLTL, Soap Opera Network is reporting the soaps will premiere online Jan. 16, 2012. ABC Soaps In Depth adds they are hearing an official announcement about the soap's online premieres could come from the PP peeps as early as this Wednesday.