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What The Hell is Going on With The Young and the Restless?!


The Young and the Restless' latest stunt cast victim, Genie Francis (Genevieve)is loving the soap's writing these days. At least someone is. The soap vet told CBS Soaps In Depththe current writing team at Y&R recalls that of All My Children during Francis' stint on that sudser as glam Ceara Hunter.

"I'd say [Y&R} is on par with the writing team that I experienced in my 20's at AMC. That was led by Agnes Nixon — a very strong writing team."

Take me to the water, so I can be baptized. Sorry, Genie. I was watching AMC back then and it is a shame before God, Agnes and the late Bill Bell to compare the tomfoolery and shenanigans on The Young and the Restless right now to Agnes Nixon's All My Children.

Is anyone on that show watching it, not to mention execs at CBS and Sony? This past week was absolutely atrocious. Who greenlit this implausible, plot driven drivel? Y&R broke every rule of character-driven storytelling last week, as Maria Arena Bell and her team bent half a dozen legacy character to fit yet another of her ridiculous murder mystery plots. 

Y&R hasn't even wrapped its last asinine murder caper—the one that has Sharon (Sharon Case) accused of pushing someone into the mouth of an active volcano—before launching into this "Who Killed Diane Jenkins?" mess. There is no way in hell any of these people, other than maybe Adam (Michael Muhney) or Ashley (Eileen Davidson), would truly have been furious enough with Diane (Maura West) to bash her skull in, choke her with a key and/or leave her lying in Murphy's (Michael Fairman) fish pond all night.

Diane has been pulling stunts and scandals for two decades on this show. Why on Earth would all of these people suddenly develop bloodlust because of a mass text message ripped from ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars?

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Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), the show's romantic hero—who we've been informed since his SORAS'ing has his mother's heart as opposed to his ruthless father's— threatening to kill a woman he recently made love with, all because she published a video of his parents having sex? I don't think so. Nick wasn't even this pissed when Adam made Sharon believe their child was dead!

Speaking of Nick and Vicky's (Amelia Heinle) mom. If Nikki's (the MIA Melody Thomas Scott) kids would kill someone who mistreated her, wouldn't Deacon (Sean Kanan) be fish food (Not to mention their father)? The very fact that the ever-observant bartender is still breathing proves Nick and Victoria's possible motives for murder are beyond ridonk.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) had a restraining order agains Diane. Why on Earth would she head to a pond to possibly kill her? Because Diane said a few snarky things to her earlier that day? Even if Phyllis did kill Diane, she wouldn't be sloppy enough to lead Ronan Malloy (a Turner Classic Movie name if ever there was one) right to her doorstep asking dumbass questions about Lee Press-On nails. This is a woman who has killed before. Phyllis isn't stupid, although the writers would have us believe she and her fans are, in order to give Jeff Branson another suspect for his dry erase board — that is in the front room of the doggone Genoa City police station!

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) has a slightly plausible motive in that she's a mother lioness trying to protect her cub, plus she has a history of mental instability. Abby (Marcy Rylan) however, just tried to confess to mowing Tucker (Stephen Nichols) down, so why would she kill to stop the news from getting out? The Naked Heiress (one of the few MAB concepts that actually works) would no doubt realize the gossip and infamy generated by almost killing her mom's fiance would only help her campaign to become famous for being famous. Besides, she isn't freaking tall enough to bash someone's skull in, even if she was drunk!

Victor (Eric Braeden) and Tucker are both billionaires They don't handle their enemies by busting them over the heads with rocks, they bankrupt them. As for Jack (Peter Bergman), sure he was pissed at Diane for hiding Kyle, but I'm sure he would call his attorney, Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) or hell even the Psychic Friends Network before resorting to murder.

As if this murder mystery wasn't bad enough, you have Victor trying to take Jack's son from him out of spite and Kay (Jeanne Cooper) becoming more and more abominable in her quest to control her 60-year-old, long-lost son's life. Does anyone on this "strong writing team" realize that Victor hates Jack simply because Jack had everything handed to him, while Victor had to work for everything he has? That's always been the throughline.

Victor has never thought Jack was a bad parent; hell Jack and Miguel the Manny raised Victor's kids! As for Kay, she was a dear, dear friend of Ashley's late father. Her vicious campaign against John's "Beauty" and Tucker is so out of character I barely recognize Kay, but then that's likely the point since Scott Hamner is obviously trying to turn her into Angela Channing from his father's nightime soap Falcon Crest.

I wouldn't expect a newcomer to the show like Francis to realize this, but Y&R has become a hot, steaming pile of poop — one that can't even afford to play it's leading lady, but somehow finds coins under the couch to hire 17 new actors a month. This show doesn't compare to Agnes Nixon's AMC or even an episode of Hanna-Barbera's Yogi The Bear right now and if Sony and CBS don't step in soon, we'll be wondering who will take Y&R to the web sooner rather than later.