General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Patrick explains to Sam how Jason’s surgery went and reveals the mass was not cancerous, but he still suffered a severe head trauma.  Sam sits with Jason and tells him about she and Monica getting along.  Sam also discusses the wedding and how she ordered him a pink tux, therefore he has to wake up.  Unexpectedly, Jason squeezes her hand and wakes up.

Dante goes to see Carly, who swears there was no kidnapping, just a misunderstanding.  Dante says Sonny’s out for Jax’s blood and has put out an APB on both, which angers Carly even more, since she doesn’t want Jax in prison.  Dante reminds her that prison is better than dead.    Carly assures him that despite Sonny’s penchant for going crazy and flying off the handle, he always calms down.  Carly wants to find Jax and Sonny herself, but Dante tells her to let him do his job.  Shawn assures him that Carly will not interfere. Once Dante leaves, he tells Carly to just be thankful.

Sonny tells Jax that he won’t let him kidnap Carly’s child.  Robin points out that there is no kidnapping, and Shawn returned Josslyn to Carly already.  Jax says Sonny doesn’t care about Joss, he’s just angry that Brenda left him.  Sonny accuses Jax of turning Brenda against him and undermining their marriage.  Sonny believes Jax became infuriated when Sonny fought dirty and Robin reminds Sonny this isn’t his fight.  Sonny tells Jax he has gone too far and he (Sonny) has graciously allowed Jax to live long enough. Sonny pulls a gun on Jax.  Robin tells Sonny to put the gun away, because Emma is sleeping upstairs.  Sonny says he’ll take Jax outside then.  Suddenly, the gun goes off, hitting Robin in the arm. 

Jax wants to call an ambulance, but Robin points out that the police will come as well.  She assures him that Sonny won’t shoot him in front of Emma, who’s now standing in the living room with them.  She tells Jax to leave.  Sonny looks ready to go after Jax, but Robin tells him not to make a liar out of her and grab her a towel. 

Patrick tries to examine Jason, who only insists on finding out what happened to Carly and Josslyn.  Patrick warns him not to over do it.

Max wants Jason to handle Sonny, but Sam refuses to let Max tell Jason anything until he’s back on his feet.  She tells Max to contain Sonny himself.   Max tells Jason that everything is under control, but Jason knows he’s hiding something and Max blabs that Jax grabbed Josslyn.  Jason says he’s going to help Carly find Joss, but Sam warns him that if he gets up and leaves that room, he’ll lose her. 

Patrick gets home, and wonders what happened.  Emma says, "Mommy got shot".  Patrick yells at Sonny that this is all just another day to him, and wonders if they should be grateful that Emma was only a witness rather than a victim.  Patrick yells at Sonny to get out, which he does. 

Patrick wants to call the police, but Robin doesn’t.  She explains that Jax showed up with Josslyn and was unsure of what to do.  Robin explains that Sonny has been spiraling out of control since Brenda left, and she told him before this to get back on his meds.  Patrick reminds her she’s not Sonny’s keeper. 

Spinelli feels there’s a cosmic connection between him and Lulu.  Maxie wants Lulu to stop playing into Spin’s games.  Lulu thinks he’s just pretending to get attention and feels Maxie is jealous. She is truly concerned, and only trying to get Spin to remember who he really is.  Spinelli continues to flirt with Lulu until she reminds him she’s with Dante and in love.  Spin has nasty words to say about Dante, and tells her that cops in this town are either dead or dirty.  Lulu reminds him that Georgie was the one who loved him.  Spinelli has a hard time digesting this and ends up curled up on a desk, as Maxie and Lulu wonder what persona he’s turned into now. 

Carly’s trying to get information on Jason, but is denied since she’s not family.  She complains to Shawn, and wonders if she should go to the hospital, but Shawn convinces her to stay and be Josslyn’s mom.  Carly thanks him for bringing Joss back to her, as Jax watches from the window. 

Jax lets himself into the house (seriously, does no one lock their doors?!!) and listens as Carly tells Shawn that she doesn’t want Jax to go to prison, but hopes he gets out of town. 

After Max leaves, Sam tells Jason that he needs to rest and take care of himself.  He says he needs to find Josslyn, because he can’t let Jax take Carly’s child.  Sam reminds him that he can’t be there every second of every day and Jason says it’s a habit.  Sam assures him that Jax won’t hurt his own daughter.  Sam knows she’s being selfish, but they’re planning a life together and he needs to be around to live it.  

Jason knows how scared Sam’s been, but she apologizes for crying, saying she’s not that kind of girl and doesn’t want him to change.  She gives him his phone to call Carly. 

Sonny tells Max that he did something to Jax’s plane. Sonny's plan is to grab Jax when he looks for a mechanic, take him out to sea and "accidentally" throw him overboard.  Max questions this plan, but Sonny tells him not to, so Max says he’ll meet Sonny at the boat. 

Dante shows up telling his father they have unfinished business, because Sonny assaulted a police officer.  Sonny brushes it off, but Dante says his father is just like Deke, but Sonny brushes that off too, saying he never beat Dante as a kid.  Dante wonders if Sonny thinks it doesn’t matter now because he's an adult and can defend himself.  Sonny’s tired of Dante, so he goes to leave, only to find two police officers waiting on the other side of the door. 

Dante then utters the line of the day: “Michael Corinthos Junior, you are under arrest”

Jason calls Carly, who lets him know that Josslyn is fine, thanks to Shawn, and apologizes for what happened.  Jason passes out, where Sam finds him and calls for help.  See, just hearing Carly’s voice is enough to make a grown man pass out!!