General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Alexis declares the pool game over and heads over to the bar for a conversation with Coleman.  The two discuss Mac and Alexis claims there are no sparks there.  Talk turns to Kate and Alexis wonders if he misses her.  Coleman admits he does, but he didn’t fit Kate’s mold so now he’s back to being the bartender and listening to others and wondering if that’s all there is. 

Diane wants Mac to join them in their playtime. She turns off her phone, but Mac says he’s on duty and needs to be ready and available.  When she offers him a drink, he admits he’s been working two double shifts and alcohol will likely knock him out.  Diane tells him he’s out of his comfort zone and Mac admits this isn’t his style.  She explains how she’s now a best selling author but that her identity has always been tied to her career and that there are rewards to working for SaSon.  Diane says everyone needs to find the one thing that truly makes them happy and why settle for just okay. 

Mabby are still on the island and Abby’s upset when she overhears some casino workers talking about her, calling her a hooker who was paid by Sonny to keep Michael company.  Michael immediately wants to fire the workers.  He assures her that it’s part of her past, but she’s not that person anymore and that she’s important to him and heads out.

When he returns, Michael tells her he warned the staff they would be fired if they said anything about her again.  Abby doesn’t want him to turn into this cold person that thinks he owns the place.  Michael says she helped him through the worst time.  Later, Michael apologizes to Abby and lets her know they’re going back to Port Charles in the morning, but he’s not sure if he’s going back to ELQ because he wants to leave himself open to all opportunities. 

Sonny feels sucker punching Dante was just a difference of opinion and that Dante shouldn’t arrest his own father.  He accuses Dante of hiding behind his badge but Dante’s tired of going to bat for his father and getting nothing from it but grief.  He decides he’s going to treat Sonny like the criminal that he is.  Sonny tries to get a hold of Diane and then complains to Dante that he’s claustrophobic.  He figures Diane will get him out in a couple of days, and Dante figures that will give Jax enough time to get out of town.  Sonny assures him that Jax isn’t going anywhere and Dante asks what Sonny has done. 

Sonny says he’s not going to confess to anything and Dante points out that Sonny’s all but admitted to having done something anyway, so that if something happens to Jax, Dante will know where to look first. 

Lucky wants to go and find Siobhan and Liz tells him what happened with the stairs and the car accident.  Liz lets him know what happened with Dante and Lucky says he doesn’t remember any of it.  Lucky decides to go to the hospital to see Siobhan. 

Jax is trying to start his plane and finds ripped out wires.  He hears sirens in the background.  He appears to fix the problem but the tower tells him he does not have clearance to leave. 

Ethan catches the bad orderly in Siobhan’s room and kicks him out.Lulu stops by the PCPD and asks Dante if he’s seen Lucky.  She’s still worried that he’ll slip now.  Dante assures her everything will be fine.  Ethan calls Lulu to come to the hospital explaining about the accident. 

At the hospital, Lulu runs into Lucky and Liz who have just arrived.  Lulu blasts Lucky for being MIA, but Liz covers, saying he was on a stakeout.  Lulu thinks Lucky is on something and she questions whether he made the right choice taking this case.  Lucky tells her he can handle it, and to give him some credit.  Lucky says he’s not his father and never will be. 

Lucky sits with Siobhan while Ethan and Lulu catch up.  Lulu says Lucky looks like something is going on and wonders why Liz isn’t more concerned that Lucky took this case.  Liz arrives to see Lucky sitting by his wife’s side. 

Mac decides he’s not staying for a game of pool and offers to drive the ladies home.  Diane gets her message that Sonny’s been arrested and Mac gets a call to go to the airport, so the three leave.

Max tells Sonny that they couldn’t grab Jax because the airport was crawling with cops and it doesn’t matter since Jax left anyway.  Sonny says he couldn’t have, since he did something to the plane.

Dante is upset with airport personnel when he finds out that Jax took off, despite no clearance.

As Jax is flying, he starts having problems with the plane.