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More BOMBSHELL Allegations ROCK The Talk: Chen a "Queen Bee?" Remini a "Disruptive Force?"

It looks like today's round of headlines about The Talk imploding were actually kicked off by the New Yok Post. Prior to Deadline's report about Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete's Season 2 options likely not being picked up, the Post published a bombshell report detaling how Julie Chen's "Queen Bee" attitude allegedly has Remini ready to bolt. 


Sources say fed-up Leah Remini plans to quit on the heels of Sharon Osbourne’s bombshell that she’s taking a break. Co-host Holly Robinson Peete last week said she will not return for Season 2.

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The article goes on to allege Chen blocked the other co-hosts from discussing the Casey Anthony case without The Big Brother host present, because she was the only real journalist on the panel. Another source however, told the tabloid the problems stemmed from Remini who was labled a "disruptive force."

Then the report moved on to the petty and trifling discussing which co-hosts constantly brought their moms to the set and what not. Two executive producers gone, a network exec  fired and now possibly three (maybe four) co-hosts tossed (or quitting if The Post is correct and Osbourne doesn't return from her "little break). Yeah, this show was so worth cancelling As The World Turns for.

Photo credit: CBS