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Barret Helms on One Life to Live Exit: "Just When I Was Making Headway With Starr!"

Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) will be minus one of her gentlemen callers soon on One Life to Live. Soap Opera Network broke the news last night that Precious actor Barret Helms is out as Starr's attiudinal stepcousin/occasional kissing partner Baz. Oh wait, since Trevor-Todd (Trevor St. John) is really Starr's Uncle Victor, I guess Baz was her step...oh I don't know! Anyway, he's O-U-T.


Don't think this means James (Nic Robuck) has an uncontested shot at the songbird's heart during OLTL's last few months on network TV. I'm hearing the show is deciding whether or not to bring back a certain Starr X'd lover... Here's what Helms tweeted about his exit:

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I guess the news broke that Baz is leaving Llanview soon. Just when I was making headway with Starr! Haha. Had a blast, thx for the love!!