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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu listens as Lucky talks to an unconscious Siobhan. Out in the hall, she asks Lucky about being on a stakeout and why Liz is involved? Lucky figures she’s concerned about his proximity to the drugs and that he doesn’t need a lecture. Lulu tells him to focus on Siobhan instead of the investigation and take a leave of absence.

Lulu feels Lucky is putting his recovery at risk and Lucky accuses her of using him as her project since she couldn’t find Luke and asks her to leave, which she does. Steve comes in to check on Siobhan and makes comments about the animosity between Siobhan and Liz but Lucky feels Siobhan will tell them the truth when she wakes up.

Lucky talks to unconscious Siobhan, saying he’s going to put an end to what the dealer has put in motion. After he leaves, Siobhan wakes up.

Patrick tells Sam that Jason is having more tests done. Matt interrupts to say that Patrick shouldn’t have done the biopsy. Sam questions whether he has proof and then reminds the boys that this isn’t a competition and to leave until they have facts.

In the hallway, Patrick and Matt continue their argument, until Steve breaks them up. He drags them into another room, where they continue to argue, until Robin shows up. Robin tells the men that they’re behavior is unacceptable and that they need to discuss the best treatment for Jason.

Matt demands to be treated like a doctor and not a kid brother. He has an idea that some parasite has invaded Jason’s brain, through whatever shipments the Corinthos organization has been bringing in. Robin agrees to run the pathology. After Matt leaves, Patrick apologizes to Robin for using her to get the biopsy done.

Carly comes downstairs to find Shawn spent the night on her couch. He wanted to make sure she and Josslyn were okay. He says he wants to stay close, in case Jax decides to come back. Shawn offers to sit with Josslyn, until Mercedes shows up so that Carly can go to the hospital to check on Jason. Carly admits that Jason is her best friend and Shawn points out that he was more at one time.

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Sonny’s sitting in a jail cell when Dante shows up and lets him know that Sonny isn’t going anywhere. Sonny claims to not be proud of having hit his son and that Dante’s abusing his power. Dante says he won’t be looking the other way and that Sonny needs to cooperate by telling him what he did to Jax’ plane. Sonny denies anything and Dante informs him that Jax’ plane went down in the harbor.

Dante says Sonny already admitted to tampering, bragged about it and that he can put Sonny on Jax’ plane. Dante knows he’ll need a second witness, but accuses Sonny of wanting revenge on Jax and thinks maybe Sonny can claim diminished capacity because of the bipolar. Sonny thinks Dante is mad because Sonny is not the father that Dante wanted. Dante tells him to pray they find Jax alive; otherwise the charges will be upgraded to murder.

Sonny has a dream that Jax shows up and accuses him of tampering with the plane and killing him. Dream Jax says Brenda was on the plane as well and that Sonny killed her. Sonny wakes up with a start.

Sam’s typing up file cases on her laptop, when Carly shows up. Sam tells her that Jason is gone for tests, and Carly offers to sit and wait if Sam wants to leave for a bit. Carly mentions getting travel books for Jason and that she’s trying to help, but Sam tells her to go home and hug her daughter, that she’s not leaving Jason’s side and that she and Jason will get through this. Later on, Sam gets a bunch of books and continues to wait for Jason.

Edward complains to Skye about his heart issues, when Tracy walks up and insists he go with her to get Monica to check him out. Skye calls Anthony and tells him she needs to meet with him.

Skye demands her money, but Anthony reminds her that she’ll be paid when the job is finished and that he needs reassurances. Skye assures him that she’ll give him everything he needs to make Tracy squirm. Anthony mentions Edward, but Skye warns him off and says she’ll walk if Anthony goes after him. Anthony agrees to her terms and they shake on it.

Dante goes to Carly’s and lets Shawn know that Jax’ plane went down and he believes Sonny is responsible, but he needs another witness to seeing Sonny on Jax’ plane. Shawn admits he saw Sonny there.

Robin and Patrick discuss Jason. Robin swears he isn’t like Sonny, that he has character and generosity and that she sees Jason as a friend, not just a patient. Carly shows up to thank Robin for talking Jax into letting Joss go. Robin says she didn’t do it for her. Patrick says Sonny came into their home, shooting at Jax and terrorizing Emma. Carly feels Jason is the only one who can control Sonny. Carly gets a call from Shawn to get to the police station. Robin spots something under the microscope.

Tracy finds Skye waiting in Edward’s office and tells her to get out. Skye asks her who Gino Soleito is.

Carly gets to the station, as Sonny is being released. He and Dante get into it. Dante’s angry that Sonny got bail on a murder charge and says Jax is dead because of Sonny. Carly hears this and slaps Sonny.