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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Giant kudos to Laura Wright today. Have I mentioned how much I really, really love her?!

Yesterday’s final scene is replayed, with Carly hearing that Sonny is responsible for Jax’s death and the ever so lovely smack to the face. She screams at Sonny that he did it and wants him to admit that he did. He clearly does not want to admit it in the middle of the PCPD. She tells him to look her in the eye and tell her the truth.  That it wasn’t enough to trash Jax’s life, now he had to take it all and leave Josslyn without a father. Sonny denies killing Jax, but Dante says Shawn is an eye witness.

Dante explains to Carly that Jax’s went down right after takeoff and the plane broke apart upon hitting the harbor, but that the body hasn’t been recovered yet. Carly tearfully wonders if Jax may be alive, but Dante says it’s doubtful. Carly turns on Sonny and says Jax was right about Sonny destroying everything good and decent.

Sonny drags Carly into the interrogation room, so that Dante can’t hear their conversation. She blames him and he wonders if she wants him to rot in hell? Carly says hell isn’t good enough, but she’ll come up with something.

Sonny claims the plane wasn’t supposed to take off. Carly then wants to know what he did. Sonny says Dante just wants to blame him. Carly tells him not to play the victim since he was likely going to kill Jax off the plane. He wasn’t going to leave Jax stranded on the tarmac. She wonders if he’s thought about how this will affect Morgan. Carly accuses him of wanting Jax gone because of Brenda. She says Jax didn’t take Brenda, Brenda walked and who could blame her.

Sonny reminds Carly that she came to him for help, saying if he hadn’t stepped in, she would never have seen Josslyn again. Carly says he went too far. Jax was already in the process of returning Joss to her. She accuses him of trying to shoot Jax in Robin’s house. She also accuses him of going after Jax to send a message to Brenda. Let her show she hurt Sonny, so he’s going to hurt her back. Sonny says Jax fed Brenda lies. Carly says Brenda was right to leave him. His life is not safe for a child or anyone.

Carly points out that their kids have not fared any better and that his life will never be safe. Sonny wonders if she wanted him to sit back and let Jax kidnap her child. Carly says she’s tried to manage both their lives and she was wrong. Jax was the better parent, better father and that Sonny is scared of being alone. He talks a good game, but Sonny refused to put his kids first. Carly says no one will want to be around him. Sonny warns her not to turn the kids against him. Carly says he did that on his own. Michael will see his father for who he is, so will Morgan and both will hate him.

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Sonny wonders why she didn’t cut him out long ago ? Carly says she always found a way to forgive because she was worried what would happen if she didn’t. Carly says she knew he was capable of ripping his life apart and didn’t want to be responsible. She says she’s done making things okay for Sonny; she doesn’t give a damn anymore and wants him to stay away from her and her kids. Sonny reminds her they are his kids too, but she says, not anymore.

Tracy’s shocked that Skye would mention Gino. Skye volunteers information that she’s gathered, mainly that Tracy married Gino, who dropped dead on their wedding night, then proceeded to take over his business and skimmed money off the accounts, then bought companies and merged them into ELQ,  when it was in trouble. Skye wonders how Edward would feel if he knew dirty money has been invested in ELQ? Gino’s kids wouldn’t be happy either. Tracy feels Skye has no proof, just a lot of empty threats. She thinks Skye is looking for another hand out and asks how much this information will cost her? Skye says she’ not in it for the money but rather, the truth.

Skye’s angry that Tracy tried to drive her out of the family and accuses Tracy of being worst than Sonny and Jason. They own up to their criminality. What would happen if Skye chose to call the FCC? After Skye leaves, Tracy heads over to the file cabinet and pulls out a file and reads it.

Liz shows Matt a bottle of Hydrocodone. She asks him to check the potency of the drug and swears that no one can know. Matt gets stopped at the door of the lab, but eventually heads in and has the drug tested. Matt lets Liz know that the drug is mislabeled, claiming to be stronger than it is. He wants to report it, but she tells him she’ll take care of it and to trust her.

Anthony’s orderly shows up in Siobhan’s room again, pretending to be working while trying to do something to her. She wakes up and asks where she is? Ethan walks in and is angry to see the orderly, who swears he was only trying to help. After he leaves, Ethan tells Siobhan she’s been in an accident. She remembers bits and pieces of the night, mostly the fight with Liz on the stairs.

Liz meets with Lucky. She tells him that one of her patients complained about a drug not working properly and that she had Matt test it. It was a lesser strength. Lucky feels responsible for Siobhan’s accident, since he kept her here. Liz wonders if it’s time for Lucky to take himself off the case, but he wants to take down the people that started this. Liz wants him to reconsider, especially now that he’s got the drugs in his system. However, Lucky wants to stay on it and says it helps that people believe in him. She gives him the bottle of defective drugs, while Matt watches on.

Matt checks out Siobhan and points out that Liz got off easier. She kept Siobhan stable and likely saved her life. He wants to run a couple more tests and asks what she remembers of the accident? Siobhan mentions falling down the stairs. Matt assures her she’s in good hands and to take it easy. When he checks on her again, Siobhan says she wants to speak with Liz.

Skye has a mommy phone conversation with Lila Rae and then meets with Anthony. They discuss how their project is progressing. It seems Lorenzo had documents on the mob families, including the one Tracy married into, which Skye inherited. Anthony assures her she won’t want for anything when their deal is done. The orderly meets with Anthony and tells him he was interrupted by Ethan. Anthony’s not happy that the guy can’t follow instructions.

Dante releases Sonny, but reminds him there’s no one waiting for him at home. Only the memories of his mistakes. Sonny assures him that Carly will come around. Dante says maybe Sonny should move to his island where people are paid to like him and that inside Sonny is still the sad angry little boy from the old neighborhood.