Fancast's Sara Bibel on One Life to Live: "This Could Go Down in Television History as One of The Most Unjustifiably Canceled Shows of All Time"

One Life to Live's unstoppable ratings climb is making headlines across the web as we head into the weekend. Fancast's Sara Bibel is wondering if it's too soon to start calling OLTL showrunner Frank Valentini the Second Coming of Gloria Monty, who famously saved General Hospital from cancellation in the late 70's. Too bad for OLTL, ABC Daytime has been wanting it dead for years and reportedly considers its now months-long ratings hike a "fluke."


Also, I've read time and time again how ABC actually told Monty to spend whatever she wanted to save GH. Valentini has actually led a team that accomplished this ratings hike with a bag of nickels held in a Crown Royal sack. Meanwhile, tons of cash has been basically burned in a pile (endless CGI stunts, moves across the country) to try to save preferred soaps General Hospital and All My Children over the past five years or so. 

The good thing is, OLTL's cable ready ratings could make it all the more easier for Prospect Park to license it, along with AMC to a new network. Whaddya know, ABC Daytime's Cinderella, Viki Lord, and her alters just may have the last laugh after all?

Here's what the former The Young and the Restless writer had to say about OLTL and General Hospital beating that sudser among women 18-34:

OLTL was also the number one show among Women 18-34, tied with GH.  Both shows averaged 0.7/4/ The canceled soap, along with GH beat daytime’s top rated soap “The Young & the Restless” among young women, the first time that any show has matched or beat Y&R in any demographic since the week of Sonny and Brenda’s wedding on GH. It’s the first time OLTL has been number one in any demographic in years.

Yep, no matter how many times Brian Frons takes his mallet and tries to knock OLTL down, it just keeps popping back up out of that hole. Read more of Bibel's take on the latest soap dish here.