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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante gets home to find Lulu waiting for him. He tells her he’s had a very bad night. The two start to kiss and end up in bed. Afterwards, she asks about his bruised jaw and he explains what happened with Sonny and Jax. Lulu is shocked to hear that Jax may be dead. Dante blames himself for not having Jax’s plane checked out after finding Sonny there.  He hasn’t been acting like a cop, but like a kid with daddy issues. Talk turns to Lucky. Lulu feels that something bad is going on.

Later, Dante gives her a present and wishes her a happy birthday. Turns out it’s a key to his apartment and a sign that reads Falconeri/Spencer. He asks her to move in.

Matt tells Liz that Siobhan is awake and asking for her. Liz doesn’t want to stress out Siobhan, but promises to go and find Lucky. Matt asks what’s going on, but Liz says Lucky is on a case and Matt warns her she’s covering up too much. He wonders if Lucky knows the risks Liz is taking.

Anthony shows up at the hospital, looking for treatment for the hand that he deliberately sliced. Epiphany isn’t all that helpful, but tells him to take a seat and wait. Skye shows up, looking for information about Jason. Pif isn’t helpful there either. Anthony calls Skye on his phone, so the two can continue to discuss their project. Skye says she hasn’t received her money. Anthony assures her she’ll get it when he receives the flash drive and tells her to meet him in an hour. Skye’s not happy with the meeting place, saying it’s a sketchy part of town, but agrees.

Lucky finds JT on the pier and roughly demands to know why he almost killed him. JT claims he wanted to help Lucky out and give him some good stuff. Lucky says now he wants more. He wants to make a buy. JT thinks Lucky is pretending to score so he can set up a bust and then checks Lucky for a wire. JT finds the bottle of hydrocodone and says he needs reassurance and makes Lucky take one.

Matt comes across them and plays it like he’s the one who gave Lucky the bottle of pills. He is angry that Lucky is giving them away. After JT leaves, Matt questions what Lucky is doing and warns him to leave Liz out of it. She could lose her license. Matt tells him to go and see Siobhan.

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Jason wants to get out of bed to check on Sonny, but Sam refuses to allow him contact with the outside world. Jason freaks out. He says the last time he was in a hospital it was horrible, with everyone wanting a piece of him. He won’t stay much longer. Sam tells him to stay until he’s diagnosed. The two make small talk about the wedding.

Robin tells Patrick that she has the results of the pathology test. Jason’s seizure was unrelated to the mass or the biopsy. She doesn’t know what it is or what to do about it.

When Robin and Patrick walk into Jason’s room, he notices the band-aid on her arm and asks about it. Robin tells him what happened. Jason is even more determined to get up and find Sonny. Robin assures him that Sonny is better off than he is. Sonny doesn’t want him getting up and dropping dead. Robin tells JaSam that he has something non organic in his frontal lobe, causing the seizures. Any shift will continue to cause the seizures.

Jason wonders if it’s something left over from the previous surgery, but Patrick denies it. Patrick suggests another surgery to remove the foreign object. Jason flips out, saying he doesn’t want another surgery. Robin understands that he’s scared and needs to think about it, but Patrick presses that the seizures will continue.

Epiphany gives Siobhan her bag of belongings. Siobhan finds her wedding ring. Liz stops by to see her and says she’s glad Siobhan is okay. Siobhan remembers the warehouse, but not how she got from there to the hospital. Liz explains. Siobhan is upset that Lucky was in trouble and thanks Liz for saving his life. She feels that Liz is the one that has been there for Lucky. Siobhan preferred to see Liz as evil, but she believed in Lucky. Maybe Liz and Lucky should be together.

Liz tells her to focus on her recovery, but Siobhan says she needs to talk to Lucky. She asks Liz to get him. She says she thinks she knows something about what happened to him, but will only tell Lucky. Anthony listens at the door.

Jason experiences a seizure. Afterwards he admits to being weak with a bad headache and allows Robin to do more tests. Sam assures him they’ll figure it out.

After Liz leaves, Anthony goes into Siobhan’s room ready to do away with her.

Skye’s waiting to meet Anthony on the pier and is angry that he’s late. She walks around a box and finds Jax lying on the ground.