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One Life to Live Spoilers: Viki and Dorian Say Goodbye!

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A stripper returning from the past, a man trying to reclaim his life, and a legendary daytime rivalry coming to an end turns things upside down in Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week for the week of August 22.

David/Dorian/Addie/Viki: David will ultimately choose love over his acting career. David and Dorian will decide to leave Llanview, so Dorian can take the job in the Senate. John is going to give Dorian something to finish before she leaves for good. Addie and the Cramer family will give Dorian a big farewell bash. Viki and Dorian will end up locked up together somewhere and remember all the crazy moments of their storied history. Bo will show up to get them out and the two women will share a very emotional goodbye. Is this really the end of the line for Dorian and Viki?

Joey/Kelly/Aubrey: Joey and Kelly will pack their bags to live in London. Before they leave, Aubrey will visit Joey. She will return the engagement ring he gave her and wish him all the best in the future. Meanwhile, Kelly will say goodbye to John. She will advise him to reunite with Natalie, which will touch John's heart. As Joey and Kelly leave Llanview, Joey will wonder if his parents living together will reignite their old flame. What will happen to Aubrey and Cutter now that Joey is gone?

Todd/Victor/Tea/Blair: Jack will catch Todd trying to steal Dorian's gun. Todd will put it away in a "safe" place, to use later to shoot Victor. At "Victor's" house, Victor will ask Tea if she still loves him. Tea will stick by Victor and remain his wife. The two will make love to cement their relationship. Later on, Blair will notice the gun is missing. Todd and Victor are going to have an epic battle over their current situation. Tea and Blair will interrupt them, and Bo will be called in to pull the brothers apart. Tea and Blair are going to attempt to keep the peace between the two men, but they will not be successful. Will Victor and Todd be able to call a truce between each other?

Rex/Kim: Rex will be floored to discover Kim using Gigi's name as her stripper name. Rex will ask Kim about her name choice and a few other things having to do with Gigi. However, Kim is not going to have any answers for Rex's questions. Rex will leave the strip club disheartened, but not before seeing Gigi again. In the meantime, Kim will decide to return to Llanview to make up with Clint after visiting a mysterious friend in the hospital. Rex will return to Llanview and tell Natalie all about his visit to Kentucky. After, Rex will attempt to talk to Gigi again.

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Kim's first stop in Llanview will be to visit David. She is going to beg him not to air all her dirty laundry to everyone. The two will come to an understanding and she will set out to find Clint. Kim will show up at Asa's mansion and surprisingly run into Clint. Clint is going to be floored to see his ex-wife, but Natalie will throw her out before the exes have a chance to speak. Once the commotion is over, Rex will visit Gigi's grave, but discover the date she died on the headstone has been scratched out. Rex will go to Bo and ask that Gigi's body be exhumed. Will Bo grant Rex's request?

Bo/Clint: Bo is going to pay his respects to Asa's grave on the anniversary of his death. He will end up having a heartfelt discussion with Renee. Asa’s other son, Clint, will be down in the dumps because he can't be at Asa's mansion to honor his father. He will go to Nigel for help in escaping Llanfair and end up asking Rex to allow him to pay his respects to Asa. Rex is going to agree to let Clint memorialize Asa. Rex and Clint will have a special father and son moment. By this time, word of Clint's escape is well known, and the Buchanan's will head to Asa's mansion to bring Clint back to Llanfair. Bo, Kelly, Joey and Natalie discover Clint at the Buchanan mansion, but will not immediately take him away. Instead, they will all toast to Asa's memory. Are Clint and Rex finally beginning to get along?

Natalie/John: Natalie will return Dr. Buhari's tape of Marty's session back to John. John will ask Natalie about her encounter with Madame Delphina. In turn, Natalie will inform John that Delphina told her that Todd knows what was on the tape before it was erased. Will John follow up on Delphina's premonition?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (August 29):

  • Someone is murdered.
  • Jack goes missing and Blair freaks out.
  • Cutter receives a visit from someone in his past.
  • Phylicia and Nora's relationship continues to deteriorate.