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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: What's Eating Hope And Liam?

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Nick: He's curious why Bill is showing some interest in Jackie M. Dollar Bill makes Nick an offer.

Taylor: Doc warns Steffy to leave Liam and Hope alone now that the two are engaged.

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Hope: She tells Steffy to back up off her man, when she spies the two together.

Bill/Katie: The Spencers can't help but notice the newly engaged Liam and Hope's less than enthusiastic attitude towards the change in their  relationship.

Liam/Hope: The lovebirds are temporarily separated, as Hope heads to Paris on Forrester Creation business. Liam is a bit bummed he didn't get the proper send-off from his lady love. Meanwhile, Hope pulls a Britney Spears and announces to the world at a press conference she's going to stay a virgin until she ties the knot! Back in L.A. Liam stars to get hot under the collar when he looks at photos of Steffy in lingerie.

Brooke/Donna/Katie: The Logan sisters join forces to put a stop to Steffy's meddling. Brooke is all for making her daughter happy, but starts to feel as if she's not being loyal to Ridge.

Eric/Stephanie/Thomas/Thorne: They make a shocking announcement at a press conference.