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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anthony lets Siobhan know that since she overheard him in the alley, he needs to do something about it. But first, he wonders where her pride is, falling for a junkie cop, who will only put her third, behind drugs and Liz? He admits to having Lucky injected to get him hooked. He wants to know if Siobhan told anyone else what she heard then pulls out a vial of a drug and pours it onto a handkerchief.

Anthony holds the hankie over Siobhan’s face, until she stops moving. Liz comes knocking to check up on Siobhan, so Anthony hides. Liz, thinking that Siobhan is only asleep, leaves. Anthony sneaks out behind her. Siobhan comes to enough to write on a pillow with a lipstick.

Maxie drags Lucky over to the bakery where the baker and Spinelli are getting into it. Lucky says he’s too busy to referee for Spin and then looks longingly at the bottle of pills. Maxie’s upset that she’s tried everything and it hasn’t fixed Spinelli. She takes him to the cemetery to look at Georgie’s grave site.

Robin explains to Liz what’s happening with Jason. She sees the daily paper, which has a story about Jax’ crash and possible demise. Sonny shows up to check up on Jason. Robin gives him the bare minimum. Jason’s had seizures and is having tests done. Sonny wants more information, but Robin refuses, saying he’s not family. Sonny asks about Robin’s arm. She says it’s the least of the damage that he caused.

Sonny wonders if Robin is angry and she angrily admits that she’s mad at herself for always defending him to everyone, to Patrick and to Brenda. She says she didn’t want to come home to someone shooting a gun in her house, with her daughter there. Liz overhears this and seems shocked. Sonny swears he’ll pay for any damages, but Robin says the damage is to her daughter, who’s not okay.

Sonny says he just wants to see Jason, as Carly gets off the elevator and declares, over her dead body. Carly tears a strip off of Sonny. He claims he hasn’t come by yet because he knew Jason was in good hands and he was trying to help her get Josslyn back. Carly wonders why he didn’t show compassion to the one person who has devoted his entire life to him. Robin admits she’s on the same page as Carly for once and leaves them to continue fighting.

Sonny says again that he was trying to help Carly get her daughter back. Carly points out that Jax is missing and presumed dead. What if Josslyn had been with him, she’d be dead too. Carly wants Sonny to take responsibility and show remorse. She feels he only got involved, not to help Josslyn, but to get back at Jax because of Brenda. Carly says Jax didn’t’ have to die and wonders if Sonny feels like a big winner or the little boy that he is.

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Jax comes to with Skye, who wonders what happened. Jax explains that Sonny did something to the plane and he parachuted out before the crash. He’s just glad he gave Josslyn back, so that she wasn’t on the plane. Skye wonders what his next move is? Does he have someone he can trust to help him? Jax says he only wants to involve her. Jax asks her to get him some clothes and cash. He wonders if she still has all of Lorenzo’s money, but Skye says the government took it.

Skye promises to get him what he needs and asks about letting Carly know. Jax tells her not to tell anyone, since he doesn’t know who he can trust. He says he can’t trust Carly’s judgment since she’s still in Sonny’s life and Skye promises to get him safely out of PC. Anthony shows up for his meeting with Skye, so Jax hides. Anthony tells her that he made the money transfer and wants the flash drive, but Skye says she has to leave to help a friend.

Sonny wants Carly to get past this, and not to continue the argument in public. Carly refuses to calm down or fall in line. Carly tells him he will no longer see anyone that she values because she won’t lose another person. She calls him self centered and that nothing matters to Sonny as long as he gets what he wants. Sonny calls her out on her allegations, but Carly says he’s not better than a street thug. She sees him clearly now. He’s a monster that she helped create. She accuses him of not thinking about Josslyn. They’re done. She despises him and wants him to stay away from her. Shawn gets off the elevator as she’s yelling at Sonny. Carly calls Sonny a murderer and yells it in his face before Shawn interrupts and takes her away.

Liz calls Lucky to come and see Siobhan. When he gets to the hospital, she tells him about Siobhan’s progress and Lucky heads over to see his wife.

Robin finds Sonny sitting in Jason’s empty room and he asks about Jason. She explains that they’re doing exploratory surgery. They don’t know what they’ll find or what to do when they find it. Sonny wonders if she wants to get into it again? She screams at him about how he came into her house with a gun in front of her daughter. Robin asks why he just didn’t go after Brenda? Sonny claims that would have just made things worse. Robin says he just has an excuse to hurt everyone around him and that she’s had enough.

Sonny wonders if Robin is turning his back on him and Robin admits that he’s a dangerous person, because of who he’s becoming. He needs to start taking his meds and find some humanity. Sonny heads over to the chapel for his biannual pleading with God.

Carly and Shawn sit on the docks and discuss Jax. Carly swears he was a good man and Shawn feels he could still be alive. Carly decides that Jax didn’t go down with the plane and Shawn tells her to trust her instincts.

Jax is setting things up by phone and hears a noise. He hides and sees Carly, who’s hanging on the docks, looking at the water.

Lucky stops by to see Siobhan, who appears to be sleeping, the pillow on the floor. Lucky apologizes for not coming by sooner, and admits he’s not doing well. As Liz arrives, Lucky realizes that something is wrong with Siobhan and yells at Liz to get a doctor.