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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tucker Gets Trumped by Katherine!

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Tucker/Katherine: Son and mama head to court. Tucker learns about  what Katherine has planned for Jabot and wants to put the brakes on it all. He shows up to court with the new test results, by the court-appointed doctor, that shows he's on the mend. The judge rules in Tucker's favor placing him back in the driver's seat at McCall Unlimited. Tucker wants the court to nix the deal Katherine's made to sell Jabot.

He claims he'd never do such a thing, but Kay shows the judge the contract Tucker signed, giving the OK to sell Jabot. The judge wants to know if Tucker is capable of making decisions with this new information. Katherine's latest move has Tucker over a barrel. If he says yes, Jabot is sold but if he says no, his mother still calls the shots at McCall Unlimited.

Ashley: She goes to Ronan and says she and Nick want to fess up.

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