General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Maxie’s surprised that Spinelli remembers she has a transplant and wants him to try and remember more. He feels she’s just a distraction and a bother. Maxie brings it back around to Georgie and Spin remembers that he failed her. There were signs of who the killer was and he didn’t get to if fast enough. He let her down. Maxie brings up computers and Spin’s gift with them, but Spinelli feels that they just suck you in.

Maxie says he may not have saved Georgie, but he saved her. Spinelli’s tired of her trying to jam things into his head. Maxie says Spinelli had a heart and soul. Jason has a soft spot for him. Georgie loved him. She misses him. Spinelli says he doesn’t want to be that sap anymore, which ends up alone. Maxie says he changed her life, but he’s quick to ask what it got him? Spin says it’s not good to care, because you lose people. He can’t lose anyone else and asks Maxie to stay away from him.

Maxie promises to stay away and to stop mentioning Georgie, but wants Spin to promise to be careful while staking out the bakery. Spin says he’ll be fine and storms off. Later, he brings a cupcake and places it on Georgie’s grave.

Tracy’s searching the internet for information on Gino Solito and the money that went to ELQ. Skye shows up and wonders if Tracy is trying to cover her tracks. Tracy asks why Skye is still in town? Skye claims to be worried about Edward, with Jason in the hospital. Skye says Tracy has a family, which is everything she ever wanted. Tracy squandered it all. Skye mentions Jason again. Tracy doesn’t care about Jason. When Skye starts talking about Tracy’s past with men, Tracy points out that men leave her. Skye brings up Luke and Tracy kicks her out, as Asher shows up.

Dante tells the diver to continue searching the harbor for Jax’s plane, looking for evidence. Olivia shows up and wonders if he’s trying to find out if Jax alive. Dante says Sonny will pay this time and that he’s selfish, but Olivia believes that Jax is alive. Dante regrets not having told the truth about his shooting and keeping Sonny out of prison, for the sake of his kids. Olivia thinks Dante is angry, because he really likes Sonny and understands him. He needs to stop beating himself up about it. The diver comes back and lets Dante know that something was found.

Abby reminds Sonny that he said he didn’t want Michael in the business. Sonny agrees, but wants his son in his life. Abby wants Sonny to let Michael go, but Sonny says she sounds like someone who thinks Michael isn’t man enough to make his own decisions.

Michael walks up and agrees with his father’s assessment. Abby mentions Michael wanting to be like his father, while down on the island, despite hearing Jax died. He is blindly loyal to Sonny. Sonny wonders what’s wrong with going after what you want and protecting the people that you love? Abby says Michael has his future ahead of him. Sonny’s happy that Michael is choosing to stand by him. Abby storms off.

Sonny points out to Michael that Abby doesn’t understand the code. Michael says Abby doesn’t understand and then proceeds to defend her to his father. He feels family has to be treated right because they can’t afford to have weakness in the business.

Anthony catches Johnny following him and is annoyed that he’s doing so. He hands Johnny the box of cupcakes. Anthony tells him to check them, stop following him and then storms off. Johnny calls someone to tail his father.

Tracy asks Asher to look up some old files for something damning, but doesn’t give him any more information than that. Asher calls Anthony to complain, but Tracy returns and asks what he’s found? Asher wants more details and a bonus in his paycheck. Tracy tells him to do as he’s told and to stick with her. He’ll get a bigger payoff. Later on, Tracy deletes her history from the computer.

Abby runs into Johnny on the street. He offers her a cupcake and an ear. The two reminisce about her dancing, which seems more like a chemistry test.

Carly walks up as Sonny is asking Michael to get info on Jason. She says she’s picking up a prescription for Josslyn, who has a cold. Sonny points out that she must have gotten it when Jax took her in the rain. Carly is angry that Sonny would bring up Jax. Michael goes to bat for Sonny, saying it’s not fair to blame Sonny. Carly’s angry that Sonny has an ally. Michael feels Jax had it coming and compares it to him killing Claudia. Carly says there’s no comparison. Michael says Jax was a threat and Sonny took care of it, just as Dante arrives and says it sounds like a confession.

Dante tells Carly that nobody has been found yet, but that’s not unusual considering the current. Carly asks if he found any evidence of tampering. Dante says they found the instrument panel which appeared to have been hotwired. Michael says Jax tampered with his own plane and Sonny declares case closed. The two walk off.

Skye meets with Anthony, who says he deposited her money in the account and wants the flash drive. She says it contains all the information to prove that Tracy invested mob money into ELQ. Before she gives it to him, she tells Anthony again to leave Edward out of it. He gets a little testy. Skye warns him that while she was looking for stuff on Tracy, she found something worse on him. Johnny watches their conversation.