General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


At the PCPD, Alexis sees the newspaper article that Jax might be dead and gets upset. Mac sits with her and listens as she cries, offering a shoulder for her.

Matt is celebrating a good surgery and is shocked when Liz tells him Siobhan is dead. Steve tells them some drugs are missing and he will investigate. Liz confesses everything to Matt. Epiphany lets them know that Liz was one of three nurses on duty when the drugs went missing. Liz worried that she’s in trouble, but Matt reassures her.

Ethan shows up at Lucky’s to see if he needs help with Siobhan’s funeral arrangements.

Matt calls Lucky over to the hospital and shows him the pillow, which Siobhan wrote LU on. Lucky wonders what message she was leaving him. Steven tells him he’s ordered an autopsy.

Jason is getting information from Max and wants to make plans in case he doesn’t make it. Sam’s angry with Max and kicks him out. She tells Jason not to give up.

Robin finds something under the microscope. Robin calls in Patrick and Monica and lets JaSam know that the piece of foreign material could be a piece of AJ’s dashboard from the original accident that shifted in the current accident. Patrick suggests removing it.

Spinelli’s investigating the bakery. Max joins him and then Diane, who breaks up with Max. Spinelli thinks there’s something fishy with Lucetta’s Bakery.

Sam and Jason make small talk and then get around to Robin’s information. Jason says he wants to be her husband and she wonders if that means he wants the surgery or not.