General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Jason and Sam discuss the surgery and the risks. He wonders if she wants to put it off for a bit, so they can get married and try for a baby? Sam reminds him he can have a seizure at any time and die. The decision has to be his, but Jason insists that they decide together. Sam says she’d want to spend all her time with him. They talk about the last time in Hawaii. Sam’s afraid of losing him. Jason calls her a gambler and asks what their decision will be.

Robin hopes Jason will agree to the surgery and admits that Patrick is the man for the job. Liz worries to Matt about her part in the missing drugs, her part in Siobhan’s injuries, but he reassures her that she was helping Lucky. She needs to forgive herself for Siobhan.

Matt offers to help in surgery, should Patrick need the extra hand. Patrick thinks Matt will spend all his time focusing on Patrick and not on the patient. Liz agrees, saying they need to focus on their job and not their differences. Matt accuses Patrick of not caring about the patient, just the surgery. He says Patrick killed Jake. Robin yells at Matt that he’s gone too far.

Carly’s angry with Michael and his attitude, but he’s still saying Sonny was only trying to stop Jax. She has no proof Sonny did anything. Carly points out to him that his father is only using him until Jason’s back on his feet. The two walk up to the arguing Drake-Hunters.

Sam comes out to let Patrick know that she and Jason have decided to do the surgery as soon as he’s ready. Monica and Edward also show up to hear this. Robin says Patrick is the lead surgeon. Matt jumps in to complain to Sam about Patrick, but Sam tears a strip off of Matt. She lets him know that she resents his issues with his brother and doesn’t care about their pissing contest.

Matt apologizes and takes himself out of the surgery and storms off. Sam warns Patrick that he can’t be doing the surgery to prove something to Matt, that it has to be about Jason. Patrick promises not to bring emotions into the operating room. Monica tells Sam she made the right choice.

Carly slips into Jason’s room and hopes he’ll be okay because she can’t handle everything that’s going on by herself. She says Sonny is either manic or has lost his mind and mentions Michael. Jason asks and she tells him that Sonny wants to use Michael until Jason is better. Jason tells her to get Michael, but Sam shows up and gets angry that Carly is there.

Jason says he asked, but Sam gets angry and tells him this once to allow himself to come first. Carly decides to leave, but asks Jason if he remembers the song playing on the jukebox the night they met. He doesn’t. Jason tells Carly that whatever happens, she needs to remember to count to ten and trust her instincts.

Sam points out to Jason that Carly would totally get back with him if she could, but he says he’s in love with her. Sam thanks him for every day they’ve had together and will have.

Robin advises Monica and Edward against watching the surgery, saying things could go bad. As Carly listens in, Robin tells them to go somewhere they felt closest to Jason and send him positive energy.

Michael questions Patrick about the possible risks and Patrick admits that Jason could fall into a coma, suffer further brain damage or even another different personality.

Monica asks Edward if he remembers the first time Jason was no longer a Quartermaine. She wonders if it’s wrong to want him to change back and Edward warns her to careful what she wishes for.

Jason is wheeled to surgery, leaving behind the women in his life to watch, Sam, Monica, Liz and Carly. Robin stands by and wonders aloud if she did the right thing in sending Patrick into surgery alone. Patrick pep talks his team to be at their best with no mistakes.

Sam sits in Jason’s empty hospital and has a fantasy; she and Jason, married six months, hanging out on island while she scavenges for underwater treasure.

Liz goes to the studio and has her fantasy; she and Jason, who’s an architect to her artist, living the happy single life, travelling and loving each other.

Carly goes to Jake’s and has her fantasy; she and Jason as head of the mob, since Sonny went crazy and disappeared.

Monica goes home and has her fantasy; she and Alan congratulating Dr Jason on becoming the youngest chief of staff while Edward is thrilled and Tracy is annoyed.

Things start to go south in the operating room and all four women sense it, so their fantasies start to have a negative tone. In Sam’s, they’re being followed by a man with a gun. In Liz, carefree Jason finds her not taking birth control pills. In Carly’s, Michael hates Jason. In Monica’s she catches him doing drugs.