The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Can Steffy Seduce Liam?


Steffy/Liam/Hope: The Spencer heir tries to keep his promise of not having sex before marriage to his lady love. Poor Liam's word starts to break with the temptation surrounding him. Hope shows off her wedding dress for Pam and Eric. Steffy decides to use Hope's virginity against her stepsister.

Marcus/Amber: Ms. Moore talks to Justin and Donna about wanting a relationship with their son. The two stun Amber with their reply. Later, Amber tells Marcus all about her deceptive past and begs him to give a romantic relationship with her a try.

Justin: He bumps into a friend who is connected to the Logan clan.

Taylor: Doc's future is told by a psychic. Taylor is shocked when she is told chaos will happen to her life in the near future. Meanwhile, Nick is worried about Taylor and tries to figure out a way to help her.

Stephanie: La Forrester figures out a way to fix the mea culpa she caused with Taylor.

Jackie/Owen: Mrs. Knight thinks her age will be a problem for Jackie M's growth. Owen lets Jackie know age ain't nothing, but a number and both Jackie M and their marriage will be fine for years to come.