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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tucker Finds Out Who His Son Is!

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Tucker/Katherine:  The grand dame tries to work things out with the rebel billionaire, but he's not feeling Mommy Dearest these days. Tucker breaks Kay's heart by saying he will never have a relationship with her. Well chicks and chickadees, seems like Katherine takes his words to heart. She learns who Tucker's son is (like I told ya months ago) and decides to keep that info to herself. Katherine believes her grandson would be better off not dealing with Tucker's cutthroat attitude. Sucks to be Katherine, Tucker learns who his son is.

Devon: He goes to Tucker for a job, but the two get into a heated argument.

Jack/Genevieve/Jill/Katherine: Damn that ho, Old Smilin' Jack. He gives Genaura  Genevieve a gig at Jabot just as Kay does the same for Jill. Both of the women go head-to-head for the job. Katherine goes to Jill and asks her to be her mole inside of Jabot. Later, Jill and Gen share office space.

Malcolm/Sofia/Neil: Both of the Winters brothers head to Sofia's sonogram exam. Falcolm Malcolm and Neil have a showdown as they wait to get word on Sofia's baby. Olivia tells the two men and Sofia all about the test results.

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