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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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As Patrick continues to try and save Jason, the women continue their fantasies.

Real Monica watches as Monica berates Jason for taking drugs. Jason tells her she wanted him to be successful. He didn’t want to embarrass the Qs. The drugs were the price. Tracy’s not surprised, but the rest of the Quartermaines aren’t happy. In the end, Jason takes off in a car, which crashes. The Qs then wait for word of his well being. Jason comes to Real Monica. He asks if this is what she wanted and tells her to let him be who he is.

Real Carly watches as Michael yells at Carly, telling her she destroyed Sonny, AJ and became Jason’s mob moll. Carly sticks up for Jason, saying he was loyal to Sonny and it’s Sonny’s fault that Jason is in danger. Michael tells her he wants nothing to do with her. He storms off, only to be shot. Carly wonders why she gave up Michael to the Qs, just to have him die anyway. Jason tells her she lost Michael because she couldn’t let go of Jason. She can’t stay by his side because she’ll die. He can’t have that on his head. Jason comes to Real Carly and explains that they can’t be any more than they currently are.

Real Liz watches as Jason questions whether Liz is trying to get pregnant to tie him to her. She claims she got busy with her painting and forgot. She wonders why they can’t be more than what they are? Jason takes her to an empty warehouse he wants to work on. She asks him to dance and he heads up the stairs, only to fall off. Jason is then stuck in a wheelchair claiming he doesn’t want to live that way. Jason comes to Real Liz and tells her he’s not who she needs. She realizes she never really knew him.

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Real Sam watches as Jason and Sam continue to discuss the buried treasure, until the man with the gun tries to take the mask. Sam gets faint, which allows Jason to get the best of the bad guy. A concerned Jason takes Sam to a doctor. Sam tells Jason she’s pregnant. Jason comes to Real Sam, who asks if that is what he wants? He tells her he’s happy with her.

Fantasies over, Carly calls Michael and asks him to meet her at the hospital. While drawing a picture of Jake, Liz gets a call from Matt asking to meet him at the hospital. Sam sees a picture of the mask on her phone. Monica talks to Alan’s picture and asks him to look out for Jason.

Patrick finishes the surgery successful.  Jason has memories of Jake, Sam, Liz, Monica, Carly, baby Michael, Robin, Alan.

At the hospital, Michael tells Carly that she can’t run his life, but she just wants him to know that she loves him and always will.

Matt tells Liz that he took care of the drug problem, making it look like a clerical error. He tells her she was right to call him out on his competitiveness with Patrick. She wonders why he risked it for her.

Monica sits with Edward, who is now the one wondering what if? Monica tells him they can’t go back and change anything.

Robin lets them know that the surgery is done and Patrick is on his way with the analysis. When Patrick shows up, he lets them all know that the surgery was difficult. Sam asks if Jason will be okay.