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Agnes Nixon CONFIRMS "Big Cliffhanger" For All My Children's ABC Finale

Remember back in July when I told y'all Prospect Park had asked TPTB at All My Children to end the show's network run with a primetime-worthy cliffhangerAgnes Nixon has now confirmed it to the Chicago Tribune (Can I just say, I love it when she does that?!).


Q: Will you be with the show as it moves over to the Internet?

A: Yes, I'll be the creative consultant. Sometimes there are writers who don't want my help, but for the most part I have the big ideas. We're going to have a hiatus, you know, for three months. And the head of Prospect Park (the production company taking over the shows) said, "We've got to have a big cliffhanger for that three months." And so I came up with one which I can't tell you. But they loved it.

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From what I can gather, Prospect Park pushed hard for the cliffhanger ending, possibly with a "Who Will Live? Who Will Die?" angle ala Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre, in order to a.) Give viewers a reason to follow the show online and  b.) Possibly explain multiple exits. Meanwhile, ABC reportedly wanted a happy ending for AMC's network run to try and placate disgruntled viewers. See there, ABC is selfish to the end!

Did they really think a "happy ending" would make up for cancelling AMC for some mess Nixon told the reporter she thinks is being called What Are They Chewing? It might as well be called D.O.A., Mama Agnes, because ain't nobody gonna watch a bunch of giggly foodies in the place of your iconic Erica Kane and Co.