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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante stops by the hotel for a visit with his mother. He gives her an update about Jax. Then he asks Olivia’s advice about Lulu and the bad birthday gift he gave her. Olivia is quick to point out that a key is not romantic. Women like flowers and jewelry. Dante’s worried about the lies he’s telling Lulu. Olivia warns him to come clean with Lulu and tell her the truth.

Lulu stops by ELQ for a visit with Tracy, who’s happy to see her. Lulu’s worried about Lucky and wants to help. She wonders what Tracy would have done if she’d known the truth about Luke? Tracy points out that she did know the truth, but kept quiet out of fear of losing Luke. Tracy says everyone is responsible for their own journeys and need to focus on their own happiness. Talk turns to Dante and Lulu accuses Tracy of hating him, but she assures Lulu that she doesn’t know Dante well enough to hate him. Tracy doesn’t want Lulu to make mistakes. Lulu feels Luke is missing out, not being here with Tracy.

Lucky’s hanging out at Liz’ babysitting Aiden. He wonders aloud what he’ll pass on to his son. Dante shows up, wondering if Lucky is okay and says he needs to tell Lulu the truth. Lucky doesn’t want him to, saying that Lulu will turn it into a cause. He doesn’t need that. Dante says he’s in love with Lulu. Since he asked her to move in, he feels he needs to tell her everything. Dante assures him it will be okay, since he has nothing to hide, but then wonders if Lucky does have something to hide.

Sonny finds Sam alone in Jason’s room. Sam explains everything about Jason’s surgery. She tells him Jason made arrangements beforehand, since Sonny’s been preoccupied. Alexis shows up, angry about Jax’ possible death and Sam leaves them to hash it out.

Sonny tries to pre-empt Alexis, saying he’s heard it all from Carly and Robin. Brenda left to protect her son. Carly refuses to let him see the boys. Alexis admits she’s not going to keep him from Kristina, but asks him if he realizes how close she and Jax are? Sonny needs to get things under control and reign himself in. She tells him he’ll make things worse and everyone else has already paid and the only one left to pay is him.

When Skye gets to her hotel room, she finds a gift waiting for her. There is a knock on the door. She assumes it’s Anthony and is surprised by Johnny. Johnny declares himself the younger, better looking, less crazy Zachara. He knows she’s working on a deal with his father. He pulls out a recording of her last meeting with Anthony. Johnny orders champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and is determined to get information out of her. Skye says she can’t be seduced into talking.

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Johnny wonders what it will take to get her to let him stay. The two start to make out and she rips off his shirt. Skye ties his arms to the bed and then decides to leave. Johnny begs her to cut him loose.

Kristina stops by the hospital to see Sam and has a dizzy spell. She brushes off Sam’s concern. She has a bunch of wedding books, but Sam says they may need to postpone the wedding. Kris assures her that Jason will be fine. Talk turns to Alexis. Sam tells her sister that Alexis and Sonny are having it out in Jason’s room.

Alexis gets more and more upset with Sonny. She says she’ll blame him if Jax turns up dead. He reaches for her but she screams at him that he doesn’t get to console her and goes to hit him.  He turns her around to see that Kristina has walked in the room. Kristina realizes that Sonny did something to Jax, because he wanted him dead. Jax was part of the family. She wonders how he could have done this and accuses Sonny of only caring about himself and storms off.

Sonny tells Alexis to go after Kristina. How can she be allowed to behave that way? Alexis say they have no right to tell Kris how to feel. He doesn’t have a monopoly on acting out. At least Kristina used her words to express her anger. No one had to die over that.

Kristina has another dizzy spell at the hospital.

Lulu runs into Olivia, who tells her that she set Dante straight about the birthday present. Lulu admits she was surprised by the gift, but she’s not sure if she can accept. She has a lot going on with Lucky right now. Olivia reminds her to focus on herself.

Tracy catches Skye putting the money back in the safe, but assumes she’s stealing it.

Sam sits in the chapel, asking God to help Jason survive, so they can survive the wedding.

Dante tells Lucky that he had a lot of drugs in his system and Lucky wonders why he would care if Lucky is using again. Lulu arrives in time to hear and wonders if it’s true.