All My Children's JR Martinez Preps For DWTS Spotlight

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All My Children's

JR Martinez

isn't the least bit nervous about competing on

Dancing With The Stars

this fall. Instead of worrying about his two-step, Martinez is using his appearance on the ABC hit to educate the public about the injuries he suffered after he drove his Humvee over a landmine in Iraq as in 2003. The actor told

The New York Post


I am a voice, and I’m just someone who’s out there educating the world for people who don’t necessarily look ‘Hollywood’-ish. I like the fact that I look different. I’m the underdog, the guy people have to Google and see who I am, so I’m cool with that. I want people to find out who I am and grow with me . . . to embrace me for who I am and see who I am, personality-wise.