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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly shows up at the lake house to talk to Alexis, who warns her she’s not in the best of moods. Carly claims Sonny has lost his mind. Their kids will suffer and they need to cut Sonny out of their lives for good. Alexis points out that Carly has been Sonny’s enabler and doesn’t want to bear any responsibility for Jax’ death.

Alexis says Kristina is old enough to make her own decisions. She won’t be stopping her from seeing her father. She wonders about this sudden turnabout from Carly, who claims that Sonny went too far. Alexis wonders why Carly didn’t feel that way when Jax’s reputation was ruined. Carly claims she couldn’t stop that. Alexis reminds her that Sonny doesn’t know how to play fair.

Carly says putting the Jax stuff on her gives Sonny another out. However, Alexis blames her and wonders when she’ll take responsibility. Carly says she knows now that she was wrong and asks what Jax would want? Alexis tells her all Jax wanted was to protect Josslyn and had the balls to step up and do it when Carly wouldn’t. Alexis accuses Carly of now trying to enlist her to assuage her own guilt. She’ll never absolve Carly of the guilt because she is guilty and should live with it.

Carly accuses Alexis of having a short memory and forgetting that Jax paid off the mediator. Alexis herself walked away from the case. Alexis tells her she wanted them to act like adults, but Carly says Alexis only wants to put the blame of what happened to Jax on her shoulders. Alexis says Carly is at fault and wonders when Carly will own it? She accuses Carly of wanting to condemn Sonny, but she’s just like him.

Alexis admits she never wanted Jax to marry Carly because she wasn’t worthy, but he loved Carly and put her first.  That’s the least Carly could have done in return, but never did. Carly wonders why Alexis thinks she knows so much about CarJax. Alexis says she certainly knows about Carly and Sonny. He’s her drug of choice; in bed and in the back of limos. She says Carly always defended Sonny even against Jax.

Carly says Alexis always loved Jax. Alexis admits that a marriage of convenience to her would have been better for Jax than the real thing with Carly. Then he wouldn’t be missing, at the bottom of the water or surrounded by pieces of his plane. Alexis tells Carly that she’s responsible for whatever hell Jax is in and can’t blame Sonny for what she did. Alexis hands Carly divorce papers, saying Jax last wish would be to be free of her.

Patrick wants to check up on Jason, but Robin says she’ll handle the follow up care. He has another patient waiting for him. Robin mentions that she should have listened to Matt. Patrick doesn’t understand her problem and angrily storms off. Maxie shows up to give Jason the ring that she had cleaned, but Robin forcefully tells her no.

Matt wonders what Liz is worried about, since he replaced the drugs for her. He mentions adding 2 bottles, which Liz finds odd, since she only took one. Talk turns to Lucky and Matt commends Liz for helping her ex and wonders about them. Liz assures him that Lucky just lost his wife and she’s not interested. Patrick walks up and snarks at Matt to stop complaining to Robin and storms off. Maxie shows up and complains to Matt about Robin.

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Robin shows up, looking for Patrick. She reminds Maxie that she has a job to do, a hospital to run and a security issue because of Jason. Maxie has the sudden idea to have Jason ask Spinelli to be his best man. Matt wonders what it will take for her to get over her Spin obsession, but she’s not paying attention and takes off.

Lulu is angry that Lucky is using, but both Dante and Lucky try to explain that he was held down and shot up. She doesn’t believe it. Lulu’s angrier to learn that Dante knew and lied to her. Lulu feels she had a right to know. Lucky tells her that Liz has been helping him and is angry that she’s willing to give their father the benefit of the doubt. Even after he killed Jake, but can’t do the same for Lucky.

Lucky explains that Dante has been helping him, but that sets off Lulu even more. She claims it’s all a lie of omission. Lulu does offer her condolences for Siobhan’s death, but then thinks Lucky owes it to Siobhan to walk away from this case. He’s had a taste for the drugs and wants Dante to pull strings to make it happen. Dante points out that he can’t pull that off. Lulu goes off on him, how he used to make moral choices and listen to his heart, but that stopped when he found out he was Sonny’s son. Now Dante compromises his principles all the time and it will end up killing Lucky and whatever they have.

Dante tells her he was trying to protect Lucky. Lucky gets tired of Lulu’s judgment and tells her to watch Aiden for him. She asks if he’s really going to walk out on his son. Lulu claims he’s a disappointment and Lucky tells her to go to hell before walking out and popping a pill.

Kristina’s upset to find Michael sitting at his father’s desk and makes him come out of the chair before agreeing to speak with him. Michael wants to rally the troops around their father, but Kris points out that Sonny killed Jax. Michael refuses to believe.

Kristina says Sonny will never change or be normal. She accuses Michael of standing behind Sonny to feel important. Kristina says Sonny only loves when it’s convenient and puts his kids in danger. Brenda understood that so she left. Michael accuses Jax of poisoning Brenda. Sonny carries a heavy burden. Kristina tells him he sees Sonny as a victim. He needs to open his eyes and live his own life before he gets hurt again.

Michael tries again to get her to see that people want to take Sonny down. He then accuses Kristina of being a little girl playing dress up, trying to get a guy, who only puts up with her because he feels bad for her. Kristina’s upset by that, but Michael storms out, leaving her holding her head again.

Milo’s guarding Jason’s room, but he needs to be relieved. He tries calling in some recruitments, while Anthony’s orderly listens. The orderly calls Anthony who warns him to make sure no one else gets into Jason’s room until he gets there. Later, while there’s no guard, Anthony lets himself into Jason’s room.

Lucky interrupts Matt and Liz to ask about the autopsy results, which are not in yet. After Matt walks off, Lucky lets Liz know what happened with Dante and Lulu. Liz says Matt replaced the bottles, but questions the second one. Lucky thinks she’s accusing him of taking it, which she denies. Liz says she’ll support him and admits she didn’t handle his addiction well the last time. Liz gets the call about Siobhan and lets Lucky know that she didn’t die of natural causes.

Lulu’s angry at Dante for thinking she’s too fragile to handle the truth about Lucky and that she doesn’t believe the story because addicts know how to lie. Dante tells her the family problems are not hers to solve and asks her to move in with him. Lulu says he’s lied to her again and made her feel guilty just like when he lied about Brenda. He used protecting her as an excuse. Dante tries to get her to go with him to talk more, but she’s had enough and tells him not to be at the loft later when she goes to get her stuff.