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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy tries to get a hold of Edward to tell him that Skye is stealing money, even though Skye denies taking it since she has her own money.  Talk turns to Gino and how his kids would feel if they knew that Tracy had skimmed money from them.  Tracy accuses Skye of empty threats, but then tries to grab Skye’s purse to see if she has any evidence.  Johnny arrives and breaks up the fight.

Tracy’s not surprised to see Skye involved with another gangster. She warns them she’ll have them both thrown out, and kicks them out.  Johnny asks Skye what information she has on his father so he can keep everyone safe. Johnny assures her he’s the only one she can trust.

Patrick stops Anthony from going into Jason’s room. Anthony natters on about the orchid he wanted to give. Patrick should be more careful.  Sonny shows up and wonders what the problem is?  Anthony claims he only wants to give Jason a gift. He points out that Sonny doesn’t appreciate what he has in Jason.  Anthony takes off and Sonny warns Patrick to stay out of things.

Patrick is angry with Sonny, but Steve and Robin show up. They say that the patient in the room isn’t Jason, but one of Sonny’s men as protection, to catch Anthony.  After Sonny leaves, Patrick angrily wonders if Sonny now runs the hospital. Steve says the police came to him with the plan to try and catch Anthony, since they think he’s running the drug scam.

Robin’s angry that they went behind her back to Steve and feels no one is supporting her in her new position.   Steve assures her she’s doing a good job, but doesn’t want her to crash and burn.  After he leaves, Robin questions Patrick about her abilities and tells him if he wants the job, he can have it.  

Later on, Patrick admits to Robin that he has an oversized ego and bad bed side manner. He can`t do the job, but that she`s doing a good job. He promises to help her, because he has faith in her.

Abby comes home to find Michael’s with his bags packed.  They get into another fight, but she asks about his bags, saying they’re only having a difference of an opinion and it’s not a breakup.  Michael wants to support his father, but Abby says Sonny’s being selfish by pulling Michael in and putting his freedom at risk.  Abby wants him to keep his options open and not become a part of his father’s world.  Michael snarks about Abby being worried about losing her job. Abby tells him to get out.

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Michael doesn’t leave and wants to find a compromise because she’s important to him.  Abby tells him they need to be truthful with each other and work through their rough patches.  The two kiss.   

Shawn shows up at Carly’s with information on Jax.  A parachute was found, and Carly figures Jax is alive, but maybe hurt, since he’d never let her think he was dead.   Talk turns to the divorce papers and Carly says she can’t sign them.  Shawn asks if Jax were to walk in right now, would she sign them.  Carly says they were so happy once and doesn’t know what happened.  She admits that Jason will continue to be a part of her life, and that will always be a problem for Jax.

Shawn gets a call and lets Carly know that her boat is missing. Carly thinks this is proof that Jax is alive. She immediately wants to tell Morgan, who’s been very upset by Jax’ disappearance.    Shawn warns her that Sonny will retaliate the minute he knows Jax is alive. Carly agrees not to say anything.  Shawn hands her a pen for the divorce papers.

Kristina finds Ethan at the Star, preparing for a high stakes game.  She offers to help him, but he doesn’t want her to. He says he’s worried about her because these players are not fans of Sonny.   Kristina says she wants to spend time with Ethan. She tries to give him a friendship bracelet.  Skye shows up to talk to Ethan, who then blows off Kristina.

Kristina leaves, but listens as Ethan tells Skye that Kris is a sweet kid, but that she’s too young for him. She has too messed up of a life, which Sonny neglected her and she acted out.  Kristina runs off.  Kristina runs to the docks, sits and cries.  When she finally pulls herself together, she gets up and grabs her neck again.

When Anthony gets home, he warns Johnny that Sonny might want to retaliate, since he stopped by Jason’s hospital room.  Sonny charges in and warns Johnny to reign in his father or he’ll do something to both of them.  After Sonny leaves, Johnny warns his father, but Anthony doesn`t care.

Skye and Ethan discuss what happened with Luke and Maya.  Skye tells him she needs his help to protect Edward.  Ethan wonders from whom and Skye says from Anthony.  Johnny arrives in time to overhear.

Anthony brings the orchid to Tracy, who angrily tells him she has no interest in him and never will. She kicks him out.

Sonny shows up at Carly`s and she asks what the hell he wants.