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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam sits by Jason’s side, making small talk about Hawaii and a possible honeymoon there. She lets him know she’s okay with postponing the wedding, if that’s what’s necessary.

Maxie finds Jackal PI back in the alley behind the bakery. She’s worried about him because she thinks he’s getting worse and doesn’t want to lose him. She tells him Jason needs him as his best man. He needs to do this for Jason and to go see him.

Johnny’s wondering why Skye and Ethan are discussing Anthony. He tries to get flirty with Skye, but she’s having none of it. Ethan then wonders what’s up between them. Skye turns the charm onto Ethan before heading out. Johnny asks Ethan why Skye wants to go after his father. He points out that Anthony is out of control and that Skye might think she can handle him, but can’t. Johnny wants Ethan to find out what information Skye has.

Carly’s angry at Sonny for showing up at her house. He says he’s there to see Morgan. Carly says she’s sent Morgan away for his safety. Sonny warns her not to keep him away from his son or else. She admits she sent him to a military academy, where Sonny’s power and money has no bearing. She reminds him he signed release papers and he isn’t Morgan’s father in a court of law. Sonny scoffs at the law and says his name carries a lot of weight. Carly says that’s why she enrolled him under the name of Morgan Benson.

Carly accuses Sonny of using Michael, since no one else will save him. Sonny accuses her of being just like him.  They are survivors who clawed their way to the top. Her marriage to Jax ended because she doesn’t belong. Carly admits that she bought into Sonny`s life. Now she sees Michael turning into his father. Sonny swears again that she won`t take his son away. He then spots the divorce papers on the table and wonders what that`s about. Carly tells him she won`t forgive and forget that he killed Jax. Sonny accuses her of playing the grieving widow. After he leaves, Carly picks up the pen to sign, but doesn`t. she shoves the papers into a drawer.

Kristina stops by to see Sam, who says she just wants Jason to wake up and for the operation to be a success. Kristina jabbers on and eventually compares JaSam to her and Ethan. No one understands them. Sam points out that she and Jason are in love and it’s totally different.

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Sam admits Ethan is a good guy, but he doesn’t feel that way for Kristina. Kris says it’s hard to find someone since everyone is scared of Sonny. She storms off. Jackal PI shows up, wanting to see Jason. Sam says he’s still asleep. Spin mutters about not coming back and Sam thinks he should get some sleep.

Anthony meets with Lucetta’s baker, who complains about Spinelli hanging out in the alley. Anthony points out that no one will take Spin seriously and they can divert the attention away. Anthony admits he wasn’t able to get to Jason, but wants their shipment schedule to be accelerated. He tells his man to be ready to move all the product.

Johnny finds the two talking and wonders what`s it about, but Anthony feeds him a line. The baker takes off. Johnny warns his father again that he`s spreading himself too thin. Sonny`s still running around crazy. Johnny pretends he has something on his father. Anthony asks what he`s overheard. Johnny uses the word leverage before leaving his father fuming.

Michael sits with Edward at the hospital and offers to have him taken home. However, Edward wants to stay and wait for Jason to wake up. Even though he’s afraid of whom Jason will wake up as. Michael assumes Edward wants Jason to wake up his old self, but that would be hard on everyone who loves Jason now. Edward talks about work. Michael admits he’s not going back and Edward’s annoyed that he’s lost Michael as well. He wonders if Sonny offered a job.

Sam sits with Edward and tells him she wants Jason to wake up as he was because she`s scared he`ll wake up and not know or love her.

Jackal PI sits with Jason, at first talking nonsense about stars and missing pieces. Eventually Spinelli`s persona begins to reemerge; as well as memories of the hostage situation, Lisa, Maxie in the path of the bullet. Spin feels it`s too much to bear and doesn`t want to lose Jason. Later, he`s back at the bakery, but whatever Jackal memories he had are gone.

Sonny shows up at the hospital, asking Michael if Jason is awake yet. He decides it`s taking too long and has something to take care of. Michael asks what it is. He tells his father that he`s on his side and wants to help. Sonny explains that Carly has sent Morgan away to military school. Michael offers himself again, saying he`ll do anything to help. Sonny mutters that he doesn`t want to lose another child.

Kristina ends up back on the docks, upset about what Ethan and Sam have said to her. She passes out. Anthony finds her and mutters that it`s about leverage.

Sam sits with Jason and continues her small talk. Jason squeezes her hand and wakes up.