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Susan Lucci on Brian Frons: "He Has That Fatal Combination of Ignorance and Arrogance"

Looks like the paperback version of Susan Lucci's autobiographyAll My Life: A Memoir is set to bring a bittersweet smile to millions of heartbroken ABC soap fans. According to the New York Post, the All My Children leading lady puts ABC Daytime president Brian Frons on full blast for his decision to cancel AMC in the book's new epilogue, citing his hiring of "subpar" pal Chuck Pratt to write for the show, moving AMC to LA and other disastrous moves on Frons' part, like forcing out creator Agnes Nixon


Lucci says Frons told her in April that “All My Children” would be replaced by a food show cheaper to make. She writes, “An iconic show was losing out to greed ... If Brian Frons could show his bosses that he could save the network 40 percent ... he could keep his job even if the rest of us lost ours.” She continues, “I watched Brian Frons’ decisions destroy the production of our show and the lives of people on both sides of the country.”

Lucci said Frons appeared “self-congratulatory” delivering the bad news to the cast, and he “has what, for me, is that fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance,” adding, “I cannot fathom any network executive choosing to alienate millions of loyal viewers in these economic times.”

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Frons appearing self-congratulatory certainly lines up with what TV Guide's Michael Logan reported last April about Frons' demeanor when he was planning to gut AMC and OLTL at the same time.

Word is, ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons has a talk show and reality show lined up for fall — both of them much cheaper to produce than soaps — and he needs to clear the schedule. More disturbing, insiders say Frons has been extremely cavalier about all this, showing no signs of sorrow or regret about a drastic decision that will leave General Hospital as the network's only daytime soap. 

Extremely cavalier, self-congratulatory, sounds like the man who said, "Our lesbians are cuter" to me. Which has me wondering, why did Frons even bother giving those tired interviews to the soap magazines a few weeks ago? You know, the ones where he talked about how he and everyone else at ABC who worked on AMC and OLTL loved the soaps just like the fans did? (Uh, bull ish. Top PR and marketing execs who worked under Frons at ABC and SOAPnet reportedly told anyone who would listen they weren't even fans of the soap opera genre.)

Maybe Frons is finally starting to feel the heat? I heard awhile back he had allegedly sought the assistance of a head hunter to sniff out potential new gigs. I'm sure the beloved queens of daytime finally speaking out about his shoddy leadership isn't helping his case; especially considering the yahoos he's entrusted to handle his division's public image.

 If Jeff Zucker lost his job for dismantling NBC's primetime lineup, shouldn't there be similar recompense for Frons having done the exact same thing to ABC's daypart? At any rate, I cannot wait to get my hands on that epilogue!