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One Life to Live Spoilers: Tomas is Caught in A Lie!

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A possible murder weapon being hid, an old spark being lit, and lies turn things upside down in Llanview. Don't forget that Erin Torpey will make an appearance on Thursday, September 8th. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of September 5th.

Tomas/Blair: Tomas will get a strange phone call, and quickly contact Blair. After his attempt to reach Blair, Tomas will have a talk with John. John is going to interrogate Tomas about the murder, and catch him in a lie. How big of a lie did Tomas tell John?

John/Natalie/Brody: John, Brody, and Natalie will look over the forensic report on the gun in great detail and find something very interesting. The gun used to kill Victor was a 9mm, which will happen to be the gun Brody carries. John will tell Brody to follow up with Louie about the gun. He will also offer his condolences to Natalie about Victor. Later on, Natalie will have a conversation with Victor's secretary, in which she will reveal some shocking information about Victor and Brody's argument. Natalie is going to decide that John is better off not knowing her newfound information. Will Natalie's decision to keep the truth from John shatter their already broken relationship? 

Todd/Tea: Todd will find himself in an interrogation room being questioned by John about Victor's murder. Todd will plead his innocence to John. Before the two can move any further, Tea will burst into John's office and slap the taste out of Todd's mouth. Instead of offering sympathy to Tea, Todd will poke fun at her for falling in love with a fake. John is going to advise Todd to get a lawyer and Todd will immediately ask Tea to represent him. Tea will think about it, but not give him an answer right away. The two part ways, and Todd will try his best to get Starr to believe that he did not kill Victor. Tea will lean on Blair for some much needed support. A little later, Tea is going to accept Todd's offer to be his lawyer. Will Tea and Todd be able to get along?

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Baz/Starr: Baz will inform Starr that their new single may get them a record deal. Starr is going to be thrilled, until she finds out that it's sleazy porn director Rick who wants to sign them. Baz will soon change the subject to his father Tomas. He will tell Starr that Tomas doesn't have an alibi in the Victor murder investigation. How will Starr react to Baz's news about Tomas? 

Echo/Roxy/Rex/Shane: Echo will ask Rex several questions about the gun in his possession. As the two speak, Shane will be listening in the shadows. Echo is going to discover that the gun has been fired and will try to get rid of it. While on her way to make the gun disappear, Echo will run into Roxy. Roxy will be in the process of trying to sell her best friend "Morris", the stuffed Beaver. From her talk with Roxy, Echo is going get the perfect idea of how to get rid Rex's gun. Soon after, Cutter will buy Morris. Will Cutter realize what he really bought?

Cristian/Jessica/Ford: Cristian and Jessica will have a long talk about love and take a trip down memory lane. Their short trip will end in a kiss. The two will confess that there is still a fire that burns between them. Cristian will even show Jessica a forgotten love letter he wrote for her. On the other side of town, Ford will be dreaming of Tess yelling at him to get her back! Ford is going to find Jessica to bring Tess back, but will discover Jess with Cristian instead. Cristian will decide to go to the diner, while Ford and Jessica chat. Ford will admit to Jessica that he can't get Tess out of his system, and is going a little crazy. Jess and Ford will come to an understanding about everything. At the diner, Cris will get a critical message before he speaks with his mother, Carlotta. What is in the message Cristian received? 

Kim/Cutter/Aubrey/Clint: Kim, or should I say the real Aubrey Wentworth, is going to surprise Cutter with her presence. She will also inform him of something very important. Elsewhere, Aubrey is going to ask Rama about Kim. Rama will tell Aubrey all about Kim, but leave out a few very important details about an incident at the Spotted Pony. Aubrey will leave and bump into Kim.  Speaking of Kim again, Clint is going to do everything in his power to help her, which will not please Nigel. What happened at the Spotted Pony?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (September 12):

  • Jack wants revenge for Victor's murder.
  • Tea will see something shocking.
  • Natalie will help her Uncle Todd.
  • Viki will not be fond of Clint and Kim's relationship.
  • Starr and Baz clash over Rick.
  • Rex will have another vision of Gigi.
  • Todd will try to reach out to Jack.