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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Taylor Gets A New Man?!


Taylor: Doc is in for a shock when Anthony the psychic's reading comes true. Taylor is flabbergasted when a mysterious man arrives on her doorstep and gives her a big kiss! Later, Taylor debates the financial advice she receives. She is all for having her family financially stable but is scared of the terrible outcome it may cause.

Brooke/Stephanie: La Forrester attempts to salvage her friendship with the vixen from the Valley after she pays her a visit.

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Ridge: The chiseled one is smack dab in the middle of drama between Steffy and Hope. Hope thinks Steffy's lingerie line is too skanky.

Thomas: He asks dear ole' dad to relaunch the Taboo line. Thorne steps up and lets his feelings known about that idea.

Bill/Liam/Steffy: The Spencer heir lets slip to his father about his upcoming wedding has him a bit preoccupied. Later, Bill and Steffy team up to alter Liam's plans.

Hope: She feels pressured by Lam about their nonexistent sex life.

Nick: The sailor is irked when mom Jackie bugs him about dating once again.