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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Blackmails Billy!


Victor: The Black Knight uses blackmail to keep Billy far from Victoria.

Neil: He is wary of Kay's job offer for Devon.

Victoria: She asks Kevin for help finding Billy.

Billy: The Abbott bad boy returns to town to help Delia. Billy also hides some secrets when he hits Genoa City.

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Ronan: He  reaches out to Chloe. Later, he and Abby join forces to nail Tucker. Sucks to be those two, they wind up digging up dirt on someone else instead.

Genevieve: The wacky mob moll concocts a scheme to bust up Colin and Jill's relationship.

Heather/Avery: The Two spar at Sharon's trial.

Phyllis: Big red tries to tell Nick all about Avery.

Cane:  The Aussie works hard to nail his father for the crimes he committed.

Delia: Billy and Chloe are just a 5 percent match to save her. 

Tucker: The rebel billionaire discovers while making a donation for Delia, his blood type isn't so rare.