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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam’s happy to see Jason awake, but wonders what and who he remembers. He says things are confusing, but remembers an accident. Sam wonders which accident and explains the last one. Patrick comes in and asks Sam to leave so he can examine Jason. Sam asks God to let Jason be the same he was before.

Lucky shows up to claim Siobhan’s body, but Matt tells him he can’t release her to him. Matt tells him the autopsy showed no traces of anything in her system, which makes Lucky think she was murdered. Lucky points out that it’s now a police matter. Matt says Siobhan’s sister showed up and she’s the legal guardian.

Cam tells Liz that he misses Jake, so she makes them some chocolate milk.  They toast to Jake. Dante shows up to ask Liz some questions about Siobhan. Liz snarks that he should just arrest her, since everyone thinks she did something. Dante admits it doesn’t look good, but if there’s something she remembers to let him know. Liz remembers that Siobhan told her she needed to talk to Lucky about who drugged him.

Patrick checks out Jason. He then tells Sam she can come back into the room. She asks Jason what the last thing is that he remembers.  He says it’s that she promised she’d be waiting for him. Sam is happy she has her Jason back.

Patrick tells Jason he needs to stay for a couple of days, but Jason’s anxious to get out. Patrick wants nothing more than for Jason to handle Sonny. However, he says he wants to keep Jason alive. Jason should stay until told he can leave. Sam complains about Patrick’s bedside manner. However, once he’s gone and Jason tries to leave, Sam forces him to stay. She points out that Patrick is actually fighting for his safety.

Sam wonders if they should postpone the wedding, but Jason insists they keep the date as is and make it happen. He tells her to delegate the minor details to Maxie or Kristina and to stop talking herself out of the wedding she really wants.

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Michael comes across Anthony and Kristina in the warehouse. He wants to know what happened. Anthony claims he did nothing to her and has already called 911. At the hospital, Kristina comes to and Patrick examines her and asks what she remembers and what her symptoms have been. Michael wonders why she was in the warehouse alone. Alexis wonders why she was with Anthony. Kristina doesn’t remember any of that, but she does admit to having had some symptoms, namely head rushes and clumsiness.

Michael asks if it could be related to the drugs Lisa fed her, which is news to an angry Alexis. Patrick points out he didn’t have to tell Alexis, since Kristina is an adult. When Patrick heads out to order some tests, Alexis lets Kris know that she isn’t happy with the secret keeping.

Lucky meets with Siobhan’s sister Megan, who blames him for Siobhan’s death. Lucky explains that Siobhan stayed because they wanted to stay together. However, Megan won’t be appeased and feels that Lucky let the evil in. After she’s gone, Lucky looks longingly at his bottle of pills.

Steve and Olivia randomly have sex in the locker room shower and then decide to take a trip together.

Matt shows up at Liz’ as Dante is leaving. She explains to him that Dante is investigating Siobhan’s death. Liz admits that she wanted Siobhan to go away and wonders if subconsciously, she is responsible. Matt reminds her that she didn’t push Siobhan down the stairs, deliberately cause the car accident, murder her in her bed and to stop acting like she did. Matt makes Liz promise not to talk like that around town, or she will end up in jail. Matt wonders if there is something that he missed in his own examination of Siobhan.

Dante finds Lucky and lets him know that according to Liz, Siobhan had information she wanted to give him. Lucky realizes that Siobhan was murdered because of him. Dante feels Lucky seems on edge and Lucky points out that recovering addicts have messy relationships because everyone doubts them. Dante wonders if it’s time to get off the case, but Lucky feels that will make him look like he’s using which he claims he isn’t.

Anthony runs into Michael at the hospital and tells him to let Sonny know that he owes him one. Later on, Anthony asks Patrick about Kristina. Patrick tells him to leave or he’ll have him removed. Annoyed, Anthony makes a call to make an appointment. Alexis questions Patrick who says he needs to run tests and she needs to wait and see.

Jason tells Sam that the only thing that could calm him down before the surgery was thoughts of her when they were in Hawaii. Sam tells him it would be a good honeymoon spot.

An orderly gives Lucky Siobhan's wedding band. Liz sees him with it and walks away. Lucky takes one of his pills.