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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu’s packing up her stuff at Dante’s when he calls and leaves a message on the machine, begging her to talk to him. He doesn’t want her to leave and she means everything to him.

Maxie shows up and questions why they are breaking up. She says Lulu is determined to be miserable. Lulu says Dante lied over and over again. She can’t trust him. Maxie reminds her that Dante travelled all over to help Lulu find her father. She figures they’ll make up in a few weeks, so why make herself miserable now. Talk turns to Spinelli. Maxie says she can’t find him and explains how she took him to Georgie’s grave and sent him to see Jason. Lulu asks about Matt, but Maxie says they’re fine, and focusing on their careers.

Alexis finds Dante and asks him to locate Sonny, so she can tell him about Kristina. Dante points out Kristina may not want Sonny to know, but Alexis says Sonny is her father and should be told.

Sam wants to discuss wedding stuff with Kristina, who quickly sees that Sam is trying to distract her. Kris is worried that she’s not in college for the first week. She just wants to be normal, rather than Sonny Corinthos’ daughter. Sam assures her that Patrick will fix her up and not to worry.

Patrick shows up with the test results. He lets them know that a bone fragment is impinging on an artery, preventing blood flow to the brain, causing Kris’ symptoms. Patrick says she needs surgery, but warns it could lead to paralysis. Alexis says she still needs to reach Sonny, but Kristina doesn’t want her father there. She wants to see Ethan. Kristina points out that Sonny would only get upset by the news and end up killing someone else. She doesn’t want that on her conscience.

Michael pays Jason a visit and admits that he quit ELQ, which makes Jason mad. Jason wonders what will happen to Abby, but Michael dismisses it all. He says he’s doing other things now, like helping Sonny. Jason reminds him about Jax, but Michael brushes that off too. He says Sonny was helping and there’s no proof that Jax is dead.

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Jason tells Michael that Sonny is making bad decisions and crossing lines. He doesn’t want Michael involved. He says he needs someone at the warehouse, looking after their legitimate things. When Milo shows up to discuss business with Jason, Michael leaves, but accepts the job.

Anthony catches Skye as she’s leaving her hotel room and is upset with her. Skye points out they had a business arrangement and it’s done. He wants the information she has on him. Skye pretends she was bluffing, but he doesn’t believe her. Ethan shows up. Anthony claims he’s just asking Skye to reconsider leaving.

After Anthony leaves, Ethan wonders what’s going on, but Skye refuses to give him any details. She asks him again to protect Edward while she goes to see her daughter. Ethan brings up Luke. After everything he’s been through, he wouldn’t want something to happen to Skye. Skye wonders what’s in it for Ethan. Ethan gets the call from Sam about Kristina being in the hospital so the two head over together.

Dante comes home with flowers, which Maxie snarks at. Then she leaves Lante to talk. Dante tells her he loves her, but Lulu says he won’t be honest. She asks if he would do it again. Dante says he’s a cop and he can’t tell her everything, but she says this had to do with Lucky and his health. Dante admits he would do it again, under the circumstances. He tries to kiss her, but she says she can’t do this and leaves.

When Ethan and Skye get to the hospital, Sam warns him not to lead Kristina on. She tells Skye she’ll make things worse. Skye spots Anthony so takes off. Michael sees Anthony following Skye and stops him, telling him to stay away from his family and allowing Skye to escape. Anthony reminds him that he called the ambulance for Kris, so Michael thanks him but again warns him off. When Skye gets back to her room, it’s been ransacked.

Kristina asks for Ethan’s honesty and wonders if it would matter if she was in a wheelchair, then explains about the surgery. Ethan tells her he’d want the fragment out and that Patrick is a good surgeon. Kristina makes him promise that he’ll dance with her at Sam’s wedding, no matter if she’s in a wheelchair.

Sam asks Jason how he’d feel about getting married in the hospital, because of the Kristina issue, but Jason feels she’ll be fine. They aren’t postponing the wedding. Sam hopes nothing else goes wrong and then worries that she just cursed herself. Maxie shows up and lets them know she’s lost the ring, again.

Alexis asks Michael to continue to try and reach Sonny. Patrick tells them that Kristina has decided to do the surgery. Kristina says she has a lot to look forward to.