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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam is fine with getting a new ring, but Maxie wants to retrace her steps because that ring spoke to Jason. Talk turns to Spinelli. Maxie says she’s worried about him, that he’s losing touch with reality. Sam thinks Spin can’t stay the Jackal forever, but Maxie says she has a plan, to have Spinelli be their best man.

Carly runs into Shawn at Kelly’s and wonders if he’s following her, but he says he’s staying upstairs. Carly tells him about a job as a teacher at PCU, but Shawn doesn’t want it and claims he may not be staying in PC. Carly says she’s grateful to him because he saved Josslyn but Shawn doesn’t want her favors and that he doesn’t want to be her pet project. Shawn tells her to go and see Jason.

Molly was worried about Kristina who admits that Ethan convinced her to do the surgery, which doesn’t make Alexis or Michael that happy, but Alexis drags Molly out so Kris and Michael can talk. Talk turns to Sonny and Kris points out that he isn’t there, not that she wants him to be, and Michael reminds her that their father doesn’t even know about her yet. Michael tells her about getting the job at the warehouse and Kristina is happy that he took her advice.

Ethan sees the shamble in Skye’s room and warns her that Anthony is not one to mess with, and that Johnny already warned her. Skye feels Anthony just wants to rattle her and doesn’t want Ethan involved.

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Matt finds a pensive Liz, who admits to be thinking about Jason after his near death and wonders why she feels uncomfortable going to his room to check on him. Maxie shows up and Matt tells her has a celebration planned for the two of them, but Maxie blows him off, saying she has to find the ring and Spinelli and continue to plan JaSam’s wedding. Matt asks Liz to join him at the prearranged picnic on the roof.

On the roof, Liz thinks Matt was going to propose to Maxie, but he says he got an article published and she’s proud of him. Liz is flattered that he shared this with her, but that he should still tell Maxie. Matt feels Maxie wouldn’t have understood where Liz does. Liz wonders about Patrick or their father, but Matt thinks Patrick would be too competitive and his father isn’t a part of his life. Matt wonders if she’s seen Lucky and if she’s worried about him going back to pills, but Liz feels addiction is a battle Lucky has to fight daily. Matt praises her for her faith in Lucky. Liz gets called away, so Matt finishes his celebration alone. Later on, Liz tries to call Lucky, but gets his machine.

Alexis catches Sam crying in the hallway but Sam admits it’s not about Jason, but rather Kristina, and how everything is happening all at once and it’s draining. Alexis assures her that Kristina will be fine and they’ll all get through it. Sam promises to stay positive for Kris and the two say they love each other and hug, before going into Kris’ room.

Sam admits to being overwhelmed with the wedding plans and Molly and Kristina go on about nothing being ready but turns out they’re just pulling her leg and everything has been taken care of and is waiting for Sam’s approval. Later on, Alexis asks if Sam is so overwhelmed, should they postpone the wedding, but Sam assures her, they are a go.

Abby finds Michael at the coffee warehouse and is happy about things at work. He sets her up with a coffee taste test and then lets her know that he’s the new warehouse manager. Abby’s happy but asks about college. Michael says he’ll be taking night courses in business and the two start to make out.

Carly stops by to see Jason and admits she was worried who he’d be after the surgery and if he’d be done with her. She explains about her fantasy at Jake’s and whether she should have made different choices. Jason tells her about Michael’s job at the warehouse and she’s glad he’s keeping Michael safe. Talk turns to Sonny and how he’s different from Jason and that she’s worried about Michael following in his father’s footsteps. Jason wonders why she won’t talk about Jax.

Ethan takes Skye to the Star to hide out from Anthony. He explains that Lulu now owns it, but hasn’t done anything with it because she needs to focus on her own life. Skye wonders if he misses Luke and Ethan admits things seem to be in limbo until his father’s return. Ethan leaves to make arrangements to get her out of town. An angry Anthony shows up to confront Skye.