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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge and Thorne Go To War!


Ridge/Thorne: Taylor and the kids get some info about how to be a force within Forrester Creations. Thorne sides with Thomas and Steffy, when Ridge decides to devote his time to the Hope for the Future line. The brothers get into an argument, which leads to them throwing blows! Stephanie is flabbergasted when she finds out what happened between her boys. One of La Forrester's boys gets knocked out!

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Taylor/Ridge/Brooke: Logan finds out Doc has a new man and is thrilled. The Chiseled one isn't too gung-ho about Taylor's blossoming relationship and is hoping the two will split.

Steffy/Liam/Hope: The Forrester vixen thinks she's concocted a scheme that will finally land Liam. Steffy tries to use a jam Liam is in to her advantage. Sucks to be Steffy. She discovers Liam has asked his lady love Hope to bump up their wedding date. Bill isn't thrilled by the news either. Meanwhile, Hope is scared about what Liam will say when she tells him she's unable to speed up the wedding date.

Katie: She is in the dark about Bill's plans to kick Hope out of Liam's life.