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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly tells Jason that she sent Morgan away for his safety and that Sonny knows is furious, but she no longer cares what Sonny thinks. Jason says Sonny isn’t thinking clearly. Carly’s not interested in Sonny’s feelings and says Sonny murdered Jax, leaving Josslyn with just pictures of her father.

Jason blames himself for forcing Carly to stay loyal to Sonny. However, Carly says she loved being Sonny’s constant, no matter how many women came and went. She admits she got stuck in the dysfunction and it cost her Jax. Jason says Michael and Morgan shouldn’t lose their father. Carly tells him to look her in the eye and tell her that Sonny is a good father, that he puts his kids first. Jason can’t.

Sonny shows up to see Kristina. Alexis tells him Kris needs support and for him to give it to her and tell her it will be ok. Sonny blames Kiefer and is glad the kid is already dead. Sonny goes in to Kristina’s room so Sam and Molly leave them alone. Kris tells him to go, but he says he’s her father and should be there. Sonny tells her he loves her, but Kristina yells at him that he’s selfish and he’s responsible for Jax’ death. Robin comes to take Kristina to surgery.

Matt tells Robin that he wants to do Kris’ surgery, because Patrick’s been on his feet all day. Patrick tells her he’s ready to go for Kristina, but Matt wonders if the Drakes would want an overworked doctor if it was Emma. Patrick says he’s Kris best chance and storms off. Liz overhears the argument and approaches Matt, who’s upset that he doesn’t get any respect. She asks about Maxie. He asks about Lucky, neither of whom they’ve heard from. Liz decides she’ll check on Lucky later, telling Matt that when left alone demons keep you company.

Sonny tells Patrick to make sure that Kristina makes it out of surgery. Patrick reminds him that he just saved Jason’s life. He’ll save Sonny’s daughter even though Sonny terrorized his. Patrick tells Sonny not to tell him how to do his job and storms off. Robin stops Sonny from going after him.

Anthony natters on about beautiful things having to die and Skye tells him if he’s going to kill her, to do it already but Anthony says he doesn’t want her dead. Anthony promises to leave Edward out of his plans, but wants Skye to keep quiet about whatever information she has on him. Skye wonders why she would trust him, so Anthony says he’ll leave Lila Rae out of it.

Ethan goes to Edward, who assumes Ethan wants money. However,  Ethan wants help for someone else, but refuses to tell Edward who. He does explain that the lovely lady has gotten in over her head and trusted the wrong people. Edward agrees to have his jet ready to slip her out of town and then says to tell Skye to be careful and that she’s always welcome, no matter what she’s done. When Ethan gets back to the Star, Skye is gone.

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Jason wonders how Morgan feels about military school, but Carly assures him that Morgan knows it’s for his safety. She doesn’t trust Sonny, who’s trying to use Michael. Jason wants her to be more considerate, but Carly doesn’t care about Sonny’s feelings. Sonny arrives and accuses Carly of sending Morgan away to get back at him. Carly swears Morgan will be safe and Sonny denies laying a hand on Jax. Jason tells him to respect that Carly has lost someone she loves, but Sonny tells him not to defend Jax. Carly’s had enough and leaves.

Sonny tells Jason he won’t let Carly keep Morgan away, but Jason reminds him that Carly has sole custody and can do what she wants. Sonny’s still angry that Jason sided with Carly after Michael was shot and she took the kids away. He accuses Carly of coming to him to help with Joss and then accusing him of being dangerous.

Jason tells Sonny that if he does something illegal to get to Morgan, it will prove that Carly is right. Sonny says he won’t give up his kids like Jason did, then apologizes for the crack. Jason tells him that he’s been out of control, waving his gun in Robin’s house with her daughter there. Sonny just blows that off, but Jason says it accomplished nothing. Sonny needs to think things through.

Alexis asks Robin about Kristina’s recovery. Robin assures her that Kris will come through ok and will let them know when Kris is out of surgery. Sam assures Alexis that Patrick is a brilliant surgeon and Molly has been reading the success rates of this surgery.

Sam tells Jason that she’s worried about Kristina and is trying to be brave, but it’s very serious. Jason assures her that everything will be fine, because Patrick will pull her through.

Robin tells Patrick that he’s been working long enough and needs a break and that she’s told Matt to do Kris’ surgery.

Molly’s reading on the internet about the many things that could have caused Kris’ accident. Alexis says she wishes they’d never met Kiefer, but Molly says it wasn’t Kiefer’s fault, but Sonny’s.

Sonny catches up with Carly and tells her to stop using the kids against him and wonders what he needs to do to see Morgan.

Anthony summons his orderly to the bakery. Liz sees the orderly puttering around and calls Lucky, leaving him a message that she knows who’s taking the drugs and will follow him. She follows the orderly to the bakery, but when she tries Lucky again, she gets grabbed.

Lucky decides the pills are a mistake and slowly drops each one down the drain, in honor of his kids, Siobhan and Liz. He looks in the mirror and swears he’s not like his father.