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One Life to Live Spoilers: Rex and Clint Team Up!

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A secret deal, a woman on the verge of faling apart, and an arrest shake things up in Llanview. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of September 12.

Rex/Shane/Clint: Shane will be trying to tell his father something important about Jack, but Bo and Nora will interrupt him. After Bo and Nora leave, Rex will see Gigi again. Feeling on the edge, Rex will contact Madame Delphina to help him understand why Gigi keeps visiting him. He will find out that Kim has a secret friend in a hospital in Kentucky, and wonders if this friend will be the answer to all his problems.

Speaking of Kim's friend, Clint is going to be driven to help Kim's friend despite Kim not wanting him to do so. Rex will learn of Clint's determination to help Kim, and volunteers to assist his father. Rex and Clint will work together to find out more about Kim's friend. Will the father and son duo be able to co exist long enough to discover the identity Kim's friend?

Todd/Natalie: Todd is going to confide in Natalie about Victor's death and his innocence in the murder. Todd will begin to talk about Jack, and Natalie will inform him about Jack's connection to Gigi's death. In response to hearing the news, Todd will vow to bond with Jack. As Natalie admits to Brody that she believes Todd is innocent, Todd will have an important conversation with Blair. How will Brody handle Natalie's new take on her uncle Todd's innocence?

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Tea/Tomas/Blair: Blair will ask Tomas some tough questions about his possible part in Victor's murder. In turn, Tomas is going to confess something to Blair. A little later, Blair will help a distraught Tea get dressed for Victor's funeral. Tea and Dani are going to have tough time getting through the funeral. At the cemetery, Tea will fantasize about seeing Victor, but will run into Todd instead. Todd will speak with Tea for a bit, but leaves to find Jack. As soon as Todd attempts to bond with Jack, the LPD will arrest him. Will Tea be able to pull herself together?

Shaun/John/Victor/Jack: Starr will attempt to persuade Jack to give Todd a chance to be his father. Shaun is going to visit John and make him listen to a voicemail he received from Victor. When Shaun returns, he and Starr will have a very personal talk. Unbeknownst to them, Jack will be listening in the shadows. Later on, Shaun will try to tell Brody about the voicemail, but Rex will show up right before he can say anything. Rex will ask Shaun what was about to happen, but Shaun refuses to tell him. Shortly after, Shaun will listen in on Jack’s call to the LPD to see if Todd has been arrested. Is Shaun suspicious of Jack's involvement in Victor's murder?

Echo/Roxy: Echo and Roxy will search high and low for Morris, because Rex's gun is hidden inside the stuffed beaver. They are going to come up empty in their search, and will ultimately report Morris stolen. In a ditch effort to locate Morris, Roxy is going to get in touch with Madame Delphina. Will Madame Delphina be able to help Roxy?

Cutter/Kim/Aubrey: Cutter will be weary of seeing Kim and Aubrey together. Soon after, Cutter and Aubrey will find a gun hidden inside Morris. Aubrey will beg Cutter to give the gun to the police and he agrees, but only to her face. Secretly, Cutter is going to keep the gun. When Kim learns of the gun, she will quickly figure out that it belongs to Rex. The wheels begin to turn inside Kim's head about Rex’s gun, and she will come up with a plan to blackmail Rex. Kim will break into Cutter's room in an effort to steal the gun, but will find Echo instead. The two women will get to know each other and find out they both used to be romantically involved with Clint. Kim is going to let Echo keep the gun, but for a certain price. What were the terms of the agreement between Kim and Echo?

Phylicia/Nora/Destiny: Phylicia will ask Tea for her legal opinion on what to do with Nora. After, Phylicia and Nora's relationship will not be as strained. Meanwhile, Destiny will pay Greg a visit. He is going to have a surprising prognosis about Matthew's condition. Will Matthew ever fully recover from his injury?

Starr/Baz/Rick: Starr will still be very unhappy that Rick wants to produce her song with Baz. Baz is going to promise Rick that he will get Starr to go through with the record deal. Will Baz change Starr's mind?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (September 19):

  • Starr receives some bad news from Blair.
  • Todd begs for Tea's help.
  • Roxy asks John some tough questions about Natalie.
  • Someone knows the identity Kim's mystery friend.
  • Natalie wants to tell John something.
  • Brody asks Natalie to marry him.
  • Todd and Irene come face-to-face.