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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Genevieve Has Colin Locked Up!

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Genevieve discovers Colin's cufflinks at Jabot and is not amused. She has a showdown with her soon-to-be ex about everything at Crimson Lights, and then attempts to seduce him! Despite her attempts, Colin shoots her down. Later, Jill arrives and tells Genevieve she can't go on the Jabot marketing tour due to little Delia's medical emergency. Genevieve says she'll take Jill's spot. Mama Atkinson hatches a plan that sounds like it came from the vaults of Y&R's past (think Victor and Julia). She calls Colin and lies to him about needing to talk about their business in Australia. Meanwhile, Colin has a set up a romantic dinner evening for himself and Jill, but goes to Genevieve's to take care of the business.

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Before he leaves, he doesn't let Jill know where he's heading. Genevieve tells Colin she wants to make peace and move forward in their relationship, and cement it all with a glass of wine. Colin heads to the wine cellar to toast the occasion, but ends up being locked in there! Genevieve heads off for her business trip, leaving Colin trapped in the cellar. Jill is at GCAC waiting on Colin and receives a text from Colin's phone courtesy of Genevieve. Gen texts Jill and tells her the two of them are having a ball on the business trip together. Jill doesn't buy Gen's story and is pissed about the whole situation. However, she starts to believe it all when she gets flowers from the Atkinson's. While this is going on, Colin is desperate to get out when the last person anyone would think of stumbles across him.

Jill: She discovers Devon is Tucker's son and that Katherine knew.

Paul: The gumshoe has a reunion with Ricky and Heather.

Phyllis: Big Red's lies stun the life out of Nick.

Victor/Billy: The Black Knight takes his hatred of the Abbott playboy to a new low. Victor uses Delia's illness to get Billy out of Victoria's life. It seems the missing in action Billy was locked up in a Burmese prison. Victor heads down there and tells Billy all about Delia's health issues and says he can help his son-in-law out... For a price. Victor lets Billy know all his troubles in Burma can disappear, if he stays away from Victoria.

Billy agrees to Mr. Mumbles' terms and they both head to Genoa City. Victor wants Billy out of sight until he can get tested to see if he's a match for Delia. If so, he will help the little girl and then Victor will have Billy sent far away. Billy is relegated to watching Victoria in the shadows all thanks to Victor. The Newman patriarch knows if Victoria learns of what he's done, their already fragile relationship will be blown to bits. Victor's hatred for Billy and his beliefs that he's not good enough for Victoria overtake how this latest scheme can damage his relationship with his daughter. Billy is a found to be a match for Delia. Victor has Kevin assist in his plot to destroy Billy and Victoria's relationship.

Tucker: He destroys Jabot.

Abby: The naked heiress feels guilty about her plan backfiring.

Cane/Lily: The two try to help Chloe

Gloria: She keeps on grilling Colin, as the two are trapped in the wine cellar.