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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly tells Sonny that she knows he threw his weight around and tried to see Morgan. Sonny says he’s trying to find a way to get to her and Carly accuses him of threatening her.  Sonny says he wants to see his son, and Carly tells him to wait until Thanksgiving.  Sonny warns her not to turn Morgan against him, but Carly says she’s going to tell Morgan the truth about Jax's death and let him decide.  She tells Sonny to focus on Kristina.

Sonny starts in again, but Shawn shows up and warns him to back off.  Sonny wonders if Carly knows that Shawn didn’t stop Jax from taking Josslyn. This starts an argument between Shawn and Sonny, but Carly breaks them up and Sonny storms off.  Carly wonders if Shawn’s looking for a job at GH, but Shawn’s not giving up much information, much to Carly’s annoyance. 

Johnny accuses his father or doing deals behind his back. When Anthony gets a call from the shady orderly and heads out, Johnny follows.    Anthony manages to lose Johnny and is angry to find that Liz followed the orderly to the bakery. The baker swears Liz didn’t see him and accuses the orderly of skimming drugs.  Anthony slaps the orderly a couple of times, accuses him of nearly blowing the operation and warns him that one more mistake will be his last. 

Lulu runs into Olivia and explains that she and Dante broke up, because he lied about Lucky and she can’t be in a relationship with someone who lies to her.  Olivia wonders if her expectations are too high and warns that Lulu will end up alone.  Olivia tells her to weigh the bad with the good, and points out that Dante has a good heart.  Lulu doesn’t want someone who will choose their job over her. 

Kate returns from her business trip to find Spinelli lying on her office floor.  Lulu gets a call from Maxie, asking her to find out what Kate needs, so Lulu heads over to the Crimson offices and is surprised to find Spinelli there.   Lulu quickly realizes that Spinelli is back to his old self.  He explains that he was aware of the Jackal persona and remembers being in the sewer with Maxie and challenging Anthony.  He realizes that Jackal PI wasn’t afraid, but was stronger and better. However, Lulu points out that Jackal is a part of him. 

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The one thing that’s stumping Spinelli is that Maxie said the stars would align and he thinks that’s the key to something, but isn’t sure what.  Kate asks Lulu to do a bunch of Maxie’s work, but Lulu reminds her that she doesn’t work for Crimson anymore.  Kate is impressed with Lulu’s new backbone and tells her the job is waiting if she wants it.  While Lulu’s making a phone call for Kate, Spinelli takes off and heads to the bakery to check things out, as the orderly and the baker hide Liz. 

Johnny runs into Olivia and explains that he’s following his father, who’s been acting out and pushing Sonny’s buttons.  He says he’s tired of the power struggle with Anthony and at times, he wishes he could walk away, but the people he cares about is what stops him. Johnny asks her about Steven, but she doesn’t want to discuss that with him.  She tells him to take care of himself. 

Skye pays Edward a visit and he wonders why she’s isn’t on the jet out of town, especially since Ethan was worried about her.  Skye tells him about her deal with Anthony and what Tracy did.  Edward doesn’t feel badly for Tracy, since she got them into this mess.  Skye says they can protect the company from Anthony by moving some of ELQ's assets into another holding company.  Edward mentions Ethan, but Skye says she has no feelings for him.  Edward warns her that Anthony is using her and to be careful, since she doesn’t know what Anthony might be planning.  Edward tells her the jet is fueled and ready for her to use. 

Molly tells Sam that she thinks the car bomb caused Kristina’s injury.  Molly says Kristina hit the cement pretty hard and knows bombs can be pretty powerful.  Sonny listens at the door, as Sam reminds her they’ll never know for sure. She advises Molly not to tell Kristina her suspicions, because it would ruin Kris’ relationship with her father. 

Molly wonders if it’s worse to have an absent father like hers, or a horrible one like Sonny.  Sam tells her that Kristina is hard on Sonny because they’re exactly alike, emotional, stubborn, and want things their way all the time.  Sam says Kristina needs to realize some people will use her because of who she is.  Molly says the car bomb was not Kris’ fault and wonders why Sonny doesn’t do a better job of protecting his kids. 

Molly runs into Johnny at the hospital and tells him about Kristina.  Sonny overhears again, as Johnny gives Molly his number to call once Kris is out of surgery, but swears her to secrecy. 

Anthony interrupts Tracy while she’s working and presents her with a dinner.  She wants nothing to do with him, but he says he wants to get to know her better.  Anthony's brought all the favorites of his good buddy Gino Soleito, which gets Tracy’s attention. 

Sonny slams his way into Johnny’s apartment, screaming at him to stay away from Kristina. Sonny lets Johnny know that he saw him with Molly earlier.  He warns Johnny not to use his kids against him, but Johnny says it’s easy to use the kids, because Sonny has already damaged them.  He tells Sonny to remember that he can use the kids at any time.  Sonny hits Johnny with his gun and roughs him up.