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All My Children's Leading Men to Do Cooking Segments on The Talk Same Week The Chew Premieres in Their Timeslot?!


I wonder why Les Moonves and Brian Frons don't just whip out their wee-diddles and measure 'em? It would certainly make more sense than all the head scratching moves that have taken place on the CBS and ABC Daytime lineups in recent years.

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According to, All My Children leading men Michael E. Knight, Ricky Paull Goldin and Jacob Young will be appearing on The Talk the week of Sept. 26 as part of an "All My Meals" segment. The gents will discuss what Pine Valley meant to them, while cooking and carrying on with the ever-revolving cast of The Talk. No, this isn't one of my spoof posts, according to EW it's the real deal! 

Pine Valley's Martin-Chandler men will appear on the As The World Turns replacement the same week ABC Daytime will premiere their soap's timeslot replacement The Chew. I just LURVE how The Talk has become the go-to place for AMC stars to reflect on a soap ABC killed to replace with a cheap talk show, considering The Talk itself is a cheap talk show that was created to kill a soap.

Didn't you just feel the empathy Julie Chen and Co. had for La Lucci a few months back when she stopped by to dish her memoir and how it felt for Erica Kane to be kicked to the curb by Mickey Mouse? Meanwhile, poor Eileen Fulton and Colleen Zenk are just happy CBS didn't make them change out of their unmentionables behind a bush off somewhere in New Jersey like they did the cast of The Guiding Light.

I mean seriously, am I the only one who sees how utterly disingenuous and patronizing it is for The Talkers to be commiserating with AMC'ers when they did the same doggone thing to ATWT?!  Do The Big Three really believe all this desperate cray-cray is easier and more cost effective than simply putting in strategic efforts to save soaps that garner higher ratings and more brand loyalty? Really? Really?

You mean to tell me this tomfoolery makes more sense than figuring out a new business model for soaps, cutting costs where needed, creating a viable backend via Video on Demand, DVD collections, merchandising, etc. and most importantly demanding better, more relevant storytelling? I give up. Can someone make me some bread pudding on that there "All My Meals" special? I feel a binge 'a comin'.