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Dear Debbi Morgan, Girl Run For Yo Doggone Life From Maria Arena Bell's Young and Ridonkulous!


How many insanely popular, talented actors from other daytime soaps is The Young and the Restless' Maria Arena Bell going to taint with her blatant lack of writing and showrunning skills? I mean, I hate to be a dick, but let's call a Socialite Showrunner a Socialite Showrunner.

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While fans of the soap may be temporarily happy that Y&R is seemingly "cleaning house," it should be noted that each and every one of these big gets were brought on with huge fanfare by Bell's inept regime, only to be wasted in terrible, hammy storylines and/or simply forgotten when MAB decided to focus her energies on the next snatch and grab or reality star.

Tristan Rogers, Eden Riegel, Genie Francis, Sean Patrick Flanery and Darius McCrary are all solid performers, even though some of them haven't worked out in their respective Y&R roles. Many fans haven't liked Riegel's portrayal of Heather Stevens and while I am a big fan of her work, I can accept that. I certainly wasn't a fan of McCrary's take on Malcolm Winters, but there's no denying both have acting chops. As for Rogers and Francis, they are daytime legends who have been written into a campy, ghastly storyline which has been unlike anything Y&R has ever done — and not in a good way. 

Y&R these days is like watching Passions meets Dena Higley's version of Days of Our Lives, with a side helping of Sunset Beach, as opposed to daytime's gold standard. So okay, all these actors are out of jobs. Yvonne Zima, an American Idol runner-up and All My Children superstar Debbi Morgan are coming. What exactly do they, or we as viewers, have to look forward to? How long before MAB's case of Showrunner ADHD likely causes her to get bored with Morgan and her new character? Then what?

Will fans turn on Morgan on message boards? Will Y&R's ratings continue to erode? Oh I know, maybe MAB will enlist someone else to fire Morgan, while the absentee boss is away from the set, at a fundraiser, on a red carpet, or on vacation, or WHEREVER she may be, like she allegedly did with Daniel Goddard, causing a PR and management nightmare? Just because she wears the Bell surname does not mean Sony and CBS shouldn't be asking some really hard questions about what the hell is going on at Y&R. I cannot believe I ever thought this would be better than LML. Good luck, Debbi. I fear you're gonna need it.