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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny rants at Johnny that he’s tired of him coming after Sonny’s family, but Johnny points out that Sonny is responsible for the car bomb and for Kris being in the hospital.  Olivia shows up and screams at Sonny to stop.  Sonny refuses, so Olivia finds Johnny’s gun, shoots it in the air and warns that the next shot won’t be a warning. 

Sonny refuses to back down, saying Johnny’s going after Kristina. Olivia points out she was fifteen when she had Dante, but Sonny says they were just kids and it’s not the same thing.  Johnny reminds him that he never laid a hand on Kristina and that Sonny’s just feeling guilty. 


Olivia tells Sonny to stop acting like a lunatic  Sonny says Kris is in the hospital with a spinal cord injury and Johnny again blames Sonny for that.  Sonny tells Olivia to stay out of his business and that someone needs to pay, but Olivia says he would have paid if he’d killed Johnny because he would have lost Kristina.

She accuses Sonny of not thinking things through and Sonny wonders why she’s defending Johnny.  Olivia says she’s always defending Sonny, even when he shot her son and that he shouldn’t compare sins, since his list would be much longer.  Olivia reminds Sonny that he agreed to a truce and Johnny’s been running around town trying to keep the peace. 

Johnny asks for his gun, but Olivia refuses to give it to him.  Sonny tells her Johnny will take him out at first chance. Olivia tells Sonny to go be with Kristina.  After he leaves, Johnny thanks her for having his back and Olivia tells him to take the high road, that Sonny went crazy when he lost his perfect Brenda.  She’s worried that Sonny will drag Johnny down his dark path, but Johnny swears he won’t let it get that far.  Back at the hospital, Sonny makes a call to have Johnny taken care of.   

Maxie comes across Patrick and Robin spending quality time in the locker room and asks to check Matt’s locker to see if the ring is in one of his pockets.  She questions them about what Matt wanted to celebrate with her. Patrick assumes it was that Matt was assigned Kris’ surgery.  Maxie doesn’t find the ring, but thinks she left it at the bakery and takes off. Patrick admits to Robin she made the right call taking him off Kris’ surgery.  Patrick and Robin enjoy the locker room showers.  Later on, Patrick falls asleep waiting for her to finish getting ready. 

Liz and her captors watch as Spinelli wonders what it is about the bakery he’s trying to remember. 

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Dante finds Lucky in his bathroom and sees the empty bottle of pills.  Lucky admits he’s been taking some, but flushed the rest.  Dante tells him to call his sponsor or get to a meeting. Lucky just wants to wait it out so the two make small talk about fishing, until Lucky asks about Lulu and Dante admits she broke it off and swears he’s not keeping secrets from her anymore. 

Lucky listens to his phone messages and receives the ones from Liz and decides he needs to find her.  He tells Dante that he failed Jake and Siobhan, but won’t fail Liz.  He tries calling Liz, but her phone just rings.  They remember hearing a clock in her message and figure out her location.  Lucky realizes Siobhan’s message on the pillow wasn’t his name, but rather Luzetta’s.  The two head out to look for Liz.

Anthony discusses his friendship with Gino to Tracy. She wants to know what he’s after.  Anthony tells her they’ll be spending quality time together and wants dinner tomorrow night.  Tracy feels they have nothing to discuss. Anthony mentions her dirty money and how Gino’s death coincided with a large cash flow to ELQ.  Tracy realizes Skye set her up. 

Lulu is looking for Spinelli on the docks and remembers her night at the opera with Dante.  She heads over to see Tracy and explains that she broke up with Dante because he lied about Lucky and the drugs.  Tracy points out  Dante isn’t as bad as Luke, who is the master of lies and deceit.  Lulu thinks Dante is as bad as her father. Tracy tells Lulu to get over herself.

Tracy points out that Dante isn’t a cheater or a gambler and that he was only trying to protect her brother.  Lulu says she can’t be with someone who can’t be honest with her.  Tracy says relationships are about putting in the work and if you don’t have a relationship the hole in your life gets bigger until you have nothing.  Lulu heads over to Lucky’s and finds the bottle of pills in his bathroom.

Maxie looks through the dumpster behind the bakery, trying to find the missing ring.  She throws napkins out of her way.  Spinelli’s lying on the docks trying to figure stuff out, sees the napkins flowing in the wind and suddenly realizes something.

Anthony tells his men to take Liz away.  Maxie finds the ring and is getting out of the dumpster as Anthony’s men are leading Liz away.    

In the alley, Lucky and Dante find Liz’s phone, when Lucky calls it and realize Liz was there.  Spinelli shows up and finds Maxie’s ring, realizing that she’s been there also, but wonders where they both are now.