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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Goes From Battling Michael Moore to Finding 'Angels Among Us'

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Thanks to Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s confrontation with Michael Moore over Osama bin Laden, it hasn’t taken long for the new season of The View to grab headlines. But The View and debating with documentary filmmakers isn’t the only thing keeping Hasselbeck busy these days. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hasselbeck will co-host the limited run series Angels Among Us on CMT.

Each installment of the four-part series recreates three real-life life-or-death instances in which someone's life was saved by another person. The episodes will conclude with a follow-up about how the lives of people involved were impacted. Hasselbeck will present the stories through survivor interviews, eyewitness accounts and reenactments.

Angels Among Us premieres tonight on CMT. The debut episode features the story of three September 11 survivers.

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If you missed Hasselbeck's face off with Michael Moore, watch a clip of it after the jump.