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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Skye’s writing Ethan a goodbye letter at the Star, when Luke returns. Skye explains that she’s leaving, that her money is gone, that she’s happily single and raising her daughter. She wonders why she wasn’t invited to Luke’s wedding. Skye tells Luke that Edward told her what happened with Jake.

Skye questions the drinking, but Luke says he has a lot of problems. Alcohol isn’t one of them. Skye wonders why he bothered to come back, since he’s clearly avoiding his family. Skye realizes that Luke wants information from her, but she refuses to give it to him. She tells him to go directly to the source, but he might not like what he sees.

Michael wonders about Kristina’s bone fragment and Molly points out that it could have happened when Johnny’s car blew up. Michael asks if they all think Sonny is responsible. Alexis admits it could be possible. Alexis sends Molly out and tells Michael not to distort the truth of his father. Michael reminds her she did that when she was his father’s lawyer. Alexis says Sonny’s impulse control is nonexistent right now. Sonny overhears as Michael says he’d never walk away from his father.

Sonny runs into Shawn at the hospital and warns him to stay out of his personal life because he takes his family very seriously. Shawn finds Molly upset in the hallway. She admits she’s scared that Kristina will be paralyzed and she’s trying not to freak out. Shawn says he knows about lack of control and explains about finding a stone and keeping it to calm him. He gives her the stone and Molly thanks him for helping her feel better

Sam prevents a male nurse from giving Jason a sponge bath, offering to do the chore herself. She wonders if Jason thinks she’s horrible and selfish for wanting to be happy with the wedding at a time when Kristina is having surgery. She worries that Kristina will repeat the same mistakes Sam made. Jason makes her feel better and she says she’s happy they’re getting married. Sonny shows up and is surprised by that announcement, since he didn’t know.

Jason points out that Sonny has been gone a lot. Sam asks if Sonny will congratulate them, but all Sonny has to offer is that sometimes marriages don’t work out. Sam decides to leave them to talk, but warns Sonny not to stress Jason out.

Anthony comes home to find Johnny cleaning up the mess Sonny left behind and thinks Johnny had a wild night with a woman. Johnny asks about the boat full of drugs in the harbor, but before Anthony has a chance to really respond, Dante shows up with a few questions.

Dante wants to know where Anthony has been. He says he had a meal with Tracy. Dante mentions Luzetta’s bakery and Joey Bruzetta, but Anthony denies any knowledge. Johnny tells Dante he should be arresting Sonny and explains what happened with Sonny and Olivia. Dante doesn’t really seem to believe Johnny and then reminds Anthony not to leave town. Before he leaves, Dante asks how Anthony cut his hand and then asks if he was in the hospital on August 22nd. When Anthony admits he was, Dante points out that’s the night Siobhan died.

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Once Dante’s gone, Johnny asks again about the boat in the harbor and Anthony dismisses it, but Johnny angrily grabs his father’s hand and bends his finger, then tries to bite it. Johnny tells his father that he doesn’t want to go down in flames and not to bring anymore trouble to their door because he won’t stand for it. Later on, Johnny eavesdrops when Anthony calls his minions to say that the police are fishing around and know the women are missing. Be prepared to get rid of them.

Lucky calls his contact Sly to check out Joey Bruzetta, Luzetta’s baker, when Lulu comes out of his bathroom with the empty bottle of pills and demands an explanation. Lucky says he poured them down the drain after struggling with them. He says he needed to numb the pain of Jake and Siobhan’s deaths. Lulu says she could have helped him and wouldn’t have judged him. Lucky admits he would have lied, since that’s what addicts do. Lulu understands why Dante kept it quiet.

Lucky says Dante was protecting the case and him. He’s a good man and may be the best Lulu will ever find. Lulu doesn’t want to be with a liar. Lucky doesn’t want their breakup to be another of thing he’s responsible for. Lulu admits she’s been upset with Lucky lately, but wants to help him, even if it’s just making him some food. Lucky apologizes for hurting her and swears he’s not going back to the drugs. He gets a call, as Dante arrives for an update.

Neither one has an update about Maxie or Liz, but Lucky found out that Joey Bruzetta just got released from prison. Both also thought Spinelli was with the other and isn’t sure where he is. Lucky decides to head over to the station, leaving Dante and Lulu together. She says she understands that he lied to protect her but refuses to accept that life. He tells her he loves her, and she admits she loves him, but tells him to take care of Lucky and walks out.

Sonny tells Jason that Johnny is sniffing around Kristina again, talking to Molly and keeping secrets and he feels he should have pushed Johnny over his balcony. When Jason questions that, Sonny says Johnny told him he could use Kristina whenever he needed to. He swears that’s what Johnny said and blames Jason for not having killed him before now.

Jason wonders if anyone saw and Diane needs to be called in. Sonny tells him not to worry and that he doesn’t need a babysitter. Jason says he already has someone to watch him, which turns out to be Shawn. Sonny’s not happy with those arrangements and reminds Jason that he doesn’t like Shawn. Jason says Shawn is the right guy for the job. Sonny says he has to deal with his daughter and leaves.

Jason tells Shawn that he’ll have his hands full. Shawn explains that he suffers from PTSD and that it reared its ugly head with Jax. But Jason understands and is okay with it.

The Davis coven and Michael are waiting to hear about Kristina, when Sonny shows up. Michael asks if he went after Johnny, but Sonny reminds him the business isn’t his concern. He has everything under control. Sam points out to Michael that his life is on track now and not to screw that up. Alexis heads out to get details on the surgery.

Sam goes back to Jason and worries that the surgery is taking too long. She asks about his visit with Sonny. Jason tells her that Johnny is not dead but that he’s put Shawn on the case to watch Sonny.

Lucky’s walking on the docks and stops to look at his bottle of pills, while Luke watches from the shadows.

Sonny points out to Molly and Michael that Kristina will be angry with him when she gets out of surgery because they hadn’t resolved their issues before she went in. Alexis returns and says there’s been a complication.