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Hallelujah Jesus: Melody Thomas Scott Renews Contract With The Young and The Restless!

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Happy days are here again! Yes folks, the sound you hear is yours truly screaming like a banshee, while hitting my Dougie.

Melody Thomas Scott

has re-inked her contract with

The Young and the Restless


TV Guide's

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Michael Logan

got the scoop from the soap diva who filled him in on what went down behind the scenes.

TV Guide Magazine: So what did happen? Why did the leading lady on the No. 1 soap suddenly vanish?

Thomas Scott: That's a tough question. I can't pretend to know for sure, being the victim here. Sony would have to tell you, which they won't.

TV Guide Magazine: You're not getting off that easy! Do you believe this was financial?

Thomas Scott: Yes, I do but it was not handled very well. I've been in this business since I was three and I know how this works. If a show is having problems with money or budget they call the actor very respectfully and say, "We have a little financial crunch here. Let's try to work something out, okay?" That's what should have happened. The problem was that such a phone call was never made to me and I was left in the lurch. Had they picked up the phone back in March or April and just said two or three sentences to me, none of this would have happened. But nobody said anything, and that started to get a little odd after a couple of weeks of not working. I would call in for my shooting schedule as I usually do and be told, "You have another week off." And this kept happening week after week after week. Then the fans started paying attention to all this and were asking me, "Are you leaving the show?" I had no idea what to say or why I wasn't working. Then all hell seemed to break lose. People were saying I had asked for a leave of absence. False. They were saying, "Oh, Melody, wants to spend time with her new grandbaby twins." False. [Laughs] Well, of course I do want to spend time with them but I would never quit my job over it! Then, when Twitter got hold of this, it became a huge international situation. I owe my return to the fans. Without Twitter, I don't know that I would be coming back. I really attribute it to that. It's pretty amazing. Social networking, baby!

Let this be a lesson to soaps, don't play fast and loose with your lead actors. To find out what will happen once Nikki returns to Genoa City, click here!