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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly lets herself into Shawn’s room, looking for him and he catches her snooping through his stuff. She tells him she can get him an interview with the dean of chemistry, but Shawn tells her that Jason hired him to manage things in his absence, including Sonny and Carly.

Jason and Sam are pleasantly surprised to have Spinelli back to his old self. Spinelli admits seeing Jason near death was what snapped him out of it. Jason admits he missed Spin and is glad he’s back. Spinelli explains about Maxie and Liz being missing. Both Lucky and Dante are aware of the problems at the bakery. Jason says he’ll call Shawn to check into things and Sam leaves them to check on Kristina.

Jason asks Spinelli to be his best man. Spinelli wonders about Carly, Sonny or Michael, but Jason insists he wants him. That Spin has never failed him or Sam and that he believes in the commitment JaSam are going through. Spinelli hugs Jason and thanks him. Jason tells Spinelli to hack into the security cameras on the waterfront to look for signs of Maxie and Liz and to call Bernie and to transfer the 20 million back. He wonders where the 20 million is, but Spinelli doesn’t say. Later on, Spinelli sits by his computer, looking slightly frustrated.

Matt explains to Patrick that Kristina actually had a fractured vertebrae and what he did to fix it. Patrick confirms that it would seem the fracture was caused by the car bomb and hopes Matt did the job correctly.

Johnny tells a sleeping Kristina that her accident is his fault as well as Sonny’s. He’s trying to keep the peace. Sonny shows up and warns Johnny that he’ll drag him out of her room. Kristina wakes up and tells her father to leave. She accuses him of doing this to her with the car bomb. She wants Johnny to stay and warns Sonny she’ll have someone throw him out, so Sonny leaves.

Johnny apologizes to Kristina and says she has every reason to hate him. Kristina is sad that her father is the one who hurt her, yet he’ll never say sorry, never admit he hurt her. When Sam arrives, Johnny tells Kristina to let him know if she needs anything.

Kristina wonders if it’s her job to make her father feel better, but Sam says Sonny loves her. However, he is handling things badly. She explains there’s no pain worst than losing a child. Sonny feels guilty. Sam tells Kris to let go of some of the anger.

Olivia stops by to see Kate to appeal to her to reach out to Sonny, saying Kate is the only one who was ever able to see through the damaged outside to the lost boy inside. Kate says she has nothing left for Sonny and that it’s not her concern. Olivia tells her that Kate understands Sonny, that she’s always been able to pull him back from his worst impulse. She needs to find a way to get through to him.

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Kate says it was an adolescent fantasy to save Sonny. She didn’t realize it until she lay bleeding at the altar that she can’t save him. Olivia bitches that Connie Falconeri is gone, replaced by the cold Katherine Howard. She lost the best part of her. Olivia snarks that she’s sorry she wasted Kate’s time and storms out.

Anthony complains to the orderly, warning him nothing else better go wrong and to repair the damage already made. Johnny catches him and wonders why he’s at the hospital. Anthony makes excuses and leaves, but Johnny asks the orderly how he knows his father and then follows him.

Patrick wants Anthony to leave the hospital, but Anthony needs his hand restitched. Patrick tells him to sit and wait and they’ll get to him in due time. Anthony calls someone to ‘see the doctor today’.

Shawn meets with Sonny at the restaurant, but Sonny isn’t interested. He talks about the PTSD. Shawn says he gave Jason full disclosure, but Sonny can’t afford helplessness and can’t trust him. Carly shows up and yells at Sonny not to judge someone else considering the damage Sonny has caused. Sonny says he’s the boss and he can do whatever he pleases. Shawn says Jason hired him and will be the one to fire him.

After he leaves, Carly continues to argue with Sonny, that Shawn is helping since Jason is getting married. Sonny accuses her of being a hypocrite and hating that Jason is putting Sam first. Carly says Sam makes Jason happy, which is all she wants for him and that she doesn’t want Sonny to stop the wedding. He reminds her that she was happy getting sole custody but Carly says he didn’t do that for her. Sonny says he can’t play nice since he’s had to fight for everything. Carly tells him to get over his damaged childhood already. Carly tells Sonny to go back there and to fix it and leave everyone alone until he does.

Shawn stops by to see Jason and says Liz hasn’t shown up at home and there is no sign of Maxie either. He also knows that Dante and Lucky are working a case. Jason tells him to get all their men looking for the women and to check out the bakery for a front.

Anthony’s speaking to a comatose woman, about the injustices and making things right. Turns out, the woman is Lisa Niles.

As Sonny is about to leave the restaurant, Kate arrives to see him.

Matt stops by with an update on Kristina and asks where Alexis is. Kris reminds him that she’s an adult and he can speak without her mother there. Matt explains that things are complicated. Sam heads out to find Alexis. Matt explains that he did the procedure instead of Patrick, who had just come out of an 8 hour surgery. Patrick arrives and thinks they should wait for Alexis, but Kristina says again that she’s an adult and to be treated like one.

Matt says he’s going to do a sensitivity test and for Kris to look away. She reacts to the sensation on the left foot, but doesn’t feel anything on the right. Kristina wonders why she can’t feel anything.