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Prospect Park Names Frank Valentini V.P. of Serialized Dramas!


Well this is definitely a smart move. According to Deadline, Prospect Park has put One Life to Live showrunner Frank Valentini in charge of both All My Children and One Life to Live, by making him vice-president of serial dramas for the company. Valentini will also continue on as executive producer of One Life to Live. This gives me hope that AMC's budget can finally be whipped into some semblance of shape — not to mention its creative vision— with Valentini there to see after that Julie Hanan Caruthers!

Not to be a Negative NaKeisha, but while we may blame Chuck Pratt or Megan McTavish or this writer or that one for AMC's downward spiral, Hanan Caruthers as the boss has been the common denominator and for that she must be held responsible and watched like a hawk. Prospect Park doesn't have any time to be fooling around. They need someone who can make sugar outta shiz—and on the cheap—and that's Frankie V. Yes, that is most definitely a compliment.

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I know that Hanan Caruthers is popular with the AMC cast, and that is a plus. You always need someone to be your Diva Whisperer, but more essentially, someone needs to make sure these suckers are financialy fit and can turn a profit, 'cause if it don't make dollars, it don't make sense — especially on the web. 

It's no secret among industry insiders that, despite ABC's protestations of their soaps not being cost effective, Valentini has brought OLTL in millions under budget for years. The show has also been creatively superior to the rest of the sudsers on daytime for at least the past three seasons and has been enjoying the ratings success to prove it for almost the last six months. Now if PP can just snatch the Boy Wonder to Valentini's Batman, Ron Carlivati, from ABC's clutches...