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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky and Dante connect by phone and give each other (and us) a rundown on the case so far.  Dante reminds Lucky that he needs to take of himself and Lucky says he can’t let Liz down.

Liz and Maxie are being held captive and spend their time snarking at each other.  Liz needs to get home to Cam and Maxie feels Spinelli will get them out.  Liz feels Spin is no match for these men, but Maxie waxes poetic about him. This makes Liz question her about Matt.  She explains to Maxie how Matt set up a nice picnic and Maxie blew him off.  Maxie accuses her of trying to steal Matt from her, since Liz isn’t in a happy relationship.

Liz claims she and Matt are only friends.  Maxie points out that Lucky married Siobhan to get over Jake’s death.  Liz says Maxie doesn’t understand the pain of losing a child. Maxie admits that she doesn’t but she did lose BJ.  Maxie says Matt prefers women who are better put together than Liz, who always has baby spit on her clothes.

Spinelli sits blankly in front of his computer, unable to work it.  Sam comes home to get ready for a dress fitting that Maxie organized.  Spin lies to her about getting access to the security videos and runs out.

Kate and Sonny don’t connect at the restaurant.  She gets a call about a wedding dress shoot and heads back to Crimson. He gets a call about one of his warehouse catching fire and summons Dante over to report it. Dante asks if he has proof it was Johnny and reminds Sonny that he roughed up Johnny, but Sonny plays the sibling card, asking Dante to help keep them safe.  Dante has no interest in being Sonny’s son, or helping his father get one over on the Zacharas. 

Sonny brings up the fact that Olivia never allowed him to be a father and swears he’s trying to keep Michael out of the business... Dante tells him that if he and Johnny want to kill each other, to go ahead, but to leave Olivia out of it because if she gets hurt, Dante will retaliate.

Kate leaves a message for Maxie, confused about the wedding dress photo shoot.  Olivia shows up, wondering if Kate has had time to talk to Sonny in the nano second that she’s left her alone.  Kate again, says she doesn’t have time to save Sonny from the hell of his own making.  Olivia says she’ll hold down the fort while Kate goes, but Kate insults her accent and wonders why Olivia is pushing this so hard.  Olivia’s worried about loved ones being hurt, including Dante.  Kate points out that Olivia never got over Sonny or her resentment of Kate.

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Kate says she worked hard to become who she is and won’t apologize for it. At least Olivia got a child out of her relationship with Sonny, while all Kate got was a bloody wedding dress.

Lulu finds Ethan roughed up at the Haunted Star.  He says a con went bad and Lulu tells him not to run the con anymore.  Luke shows up and eavesdrops as the two talk about him and how Ethan’s just like his father.  Ethan claims to understand his father’s restlessness.  Lulu, on the other hand, feels she isn’t a true Spencer, and wonders why she bought the Star, thinking it would bring her closer to her father.

Lulu tells Ethan about Lucky’s drug issues and Ethan commiserates, since Lucky just lost his son and his wife.  Lulu decides there’s nothing they can do.  They’re all damaged.  Ethan wonders if she’s thinking of selling the Star and Lulu admits it makes the most sense.  Ethan offers to buy it or at least run it for her.  Lulu gets a call from Kate, asking for help and the two head out together.  Once they’re gone, Luke comes in, finds and reads Skye’s goodbye letter to Ethan and then heads out again.

Spinelli runs into Lucky in the alley and explains that he told Jason what was going on.  Lucky says there are no clues in the alley, but Spin assures him there are, he just needs to look harder.  Lucky heads into the bakery while Spin finds icing strategically placed and figures it’s a message from Maxie, and follows it.  Lucky finds bags of flour in the bakery, cuts open one and then calls Mac. He excitedly tells him he’s got evidence.

Kate’s confused about the wedding dresses and Lulu can’t really help her, until Sam shows up, saying the dresses are for her to try.  Dante shows up to talk to Olivia, telling her to stay out of the Sonny mess.  She’s angry with him for letting Lulu break up with him and tells him to fight for her.

After Sam picks her dress, Lulu tells her there’s adjustments to be made and will take care of it.  Lulu wonders what’s the secret to JaSam’s success, and Sam tells her to stay out of her own way.  After Sam leaves, Lulu picks out a wedding dress and is holding it against her, when Dante walks in.

Liz says Lucky will find them, despite the fact that she didn’t get a chance to give him her location.  The women devise a plan, and when Joey the baker comes in with their meal, Maxie pretends to be in pain and Liz asks to be untied so she can examine her.  Maxie sprays Joey in the face and runs out, but Liz is stopped by the orderly.

Spinelli’s following the icing clues, when he hears Maxie scream and watches as Joey chases her down the alley.

Kate goes back to the restaurant and reminds Sonny about the Italian restaurants from before.  He says they need to create their own future, but Kate says only once they’ve gotten out of the past.