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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny’s happy to see Kate, until she slaps him, for Jax. He gets angry that he hasn’t seen her in months and right away, she’s taking up Jax’s cause. Kate says Jax was trying to protect his daughter. With Sonny, someone else always has to pay, so he went after Jax because of Brenda. Sonny asks if Jax was a saint. Kate admits he wasn’t and Carly played a part. Sonny defends Carly and says he won’t’ turn his back on the mother of his boys. Sonny gloats that after all these years, no one’s been able to take him down.

Kate admits Olivia sent her to speak to him and even though she still sees the wounded boy within, she can’t save him. Sonny wonders who will. Kate accuses him of running from his past, yet he went from a bully to a bully. Sonny accuses her of running herself and changing her name. Kate says she wanted a better life and tells him he’ll do damage to his kids. He’d be no better than Deke. Sonny gets a call about Kristina and heads out, letting Kate know what happened and that he’s to blame.

Dante compliments Lulu on the dress and admits Olivia sent him to her. Lulu’s angry that Maxie’s not a work, until Dante admits that Maxie is missing and they’re searching for her. Lulu asks if she should be worried, but Dante assures her that no one will get hurt. She thanks him for the information. The two talk about JaSam’s wedding and Dante doesn’t want them to give up. He gets a call and heads out.

Anthony’s planning a special meal for Tracy. The orderly calls and explains the problems with the girls. Anthony tells him to make it go away. Johnny shows up to complain, but Anthony tells him not to meddle. Johnny’s surprised when Tracy arrives for the meal, but he leaves them alone.

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Tracy’s not happy to be there, nor does she want Anthony’s gift of a flower corsage and wants to know what Anthony has on her. Anthony only wants to enjoy her company and compares himself to Luke. She points out that Luke doesn’t like people blackmailing her. Anthony reminds her that Luke is gone. Anthony asks for a dance and Tracy accepts. Luke lurks in the shadows, watching. Anthony says he wants a night of passion, but Tracy says, over her dead body and leaves.

Lucky’s staggering around on the docks with his gun. The orderly pulls out a vial, getting ready to drug Liz. He lets her know it’s the same drug that killed Siobhan. Liz makes her escape. The two head towards Lucky, who shoots the orderly.

Dante shows up and Liz explains that the orderly is the one who took the drugs and likely killed Siobhan. Lucky swears he’ll figure out who is responsible and get him. Lucky gives Dante the bottle of pills for evidence and heads off. Dante asks if Liz is able to give a statement. Liz says Lucky saved her life and now needs to save his own.

Joey catches up with Maxie and warns her that no one will miss either girl once their gone. Spinelli summons the spirit of Jackal PI and tries to bluster his way. He pretends he has a gun and Joey calls him on it. When Joey turns back to Maxie, Spin hits him and knocks him down. Spinelli calls Maxie, Maximista and she realizes he’s back. When Joey gets up again, someone shoots him, surprising both Spin and Maxie. Johnny is seen with his gun, leaving the scene. Johnny calls his father and tells him he’s running the show now.

Maxie’s happy to have Spinelli back and admits that Jackal PI was a tool. He tells her he found the ring and in her happiness, she hugs him and the ring goes flying into the water.

Carly’s bothering Patrick, wondering where Jason has disappeared to. Patrick says he’s schedule for tests and confirms that he’s having an MRI. Carly’s worried that Jason will overdue his recovery in order to get married. Patrick wonders how she would feel if Jason didn’t have the need to kill anymore. Carly doesn’t want to lose her Jason.

Skye’s on Edward’s plane, when Luke shows up and says he wasn’t’ happy with what he saw around town. Skye points out that his comeback was more than he bargained for and wonders if Luke is planning on staying or hitching a ride out of town.