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The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Rick Returns!

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Rick: Both Eric and Brooke are over the moon when their eldest son arrives home for Paris. Rick's return home is just in the nick of time as his baby sister Hope needs his help. Rick starts to do some digging and is shocked by Liam's deception.

Marcus: He and cousin Rick have an uncomfortable encounter since Amber gave birth to little Rosie.

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Bill: Dollar Bill puts in a call to a person that can help him stop Liam from marrying Hope.

Liam: The Spencer heir's bachelor party is in full swing when drama ensues... Liam gets a shocking private finale at the gathering. The following day, Liam makes Steffy an offer. Steffy counters by giving him a chance to quit while he's ahead.

Katie: She and Steffy have a showdown.

Thorne/Taylor: The two are over the moon with Doc's new position at Forrester. Taylor tries to reach Ridge to share the good news but she tells Brooke instead.